Stomach Measurements

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Trish - March 2

How do you measure your stomach to get your due date?


tara - March 2

interesting...never heard that one.


Aida - March 3

To measure stomach to get due date????? Is that even posible? I hear about that for the first time! How can you calculate due date from the size of stomach, cause every pregnancy is different and size of every stomach is different. Some women start showing in first trimester, but many women start showing later, so how can you calculate it?


PP - March 3

Yes its called the fundal height. It is a measurement of the uterus and the distance in inches is an indication of how many weeks pregnant you are.


Lucky1 - March 3

Well, When I went to my 12 week appt. my doctor did measure my stomach and all I know is it was 13, I don't know if thats inches or if that stands for weeks. He said I am perfect for the number of weeks I am....


lyns - March 16

hi all, PP is right its called the fundal height and u can be either 2 cm over or 2 cm under, like 4 example i am 25 weeks and measuring 24 cm, this makes me 1cm under at this time. So if u r 27 weeks u should measure between 25 and 29cm if u know wot i mean. Good luck with your pregnancies all of u.


lidia - March 16

when do the doctor start to measure your stomach because i am 22 weeks and my doctor has not even measured it yet i thought that the doctor does it right away


to all the ladies! - March 16

exactly where do they measure from and to? i never knew about this...interesting..............


holly - April 20

Im 34 weeks and measuring 36 on my stomach,what does that mean?


andrea - May 24

i am 27 weeks and measure 38 cm ,i have suspected gestational diabetes , and a big baby


Krissy - June 24

my daughter is 36 weeks and is only measureing 33cm, is this bad?


Jodie - June 24

Like i have said on other threads try not to get to hung up on your mesurements. I measured well under what i should have with my daughter and my dr sent me for an u/s worried about her size, well as it turns out she was 8lb born


Lindsey - August 11

Measuring the fundus is commonly done at each dr appt. However, I have always been told that it is an estimation, not a completely accurate measure of pregnancy. If the number is way off (its suppose to be the same # in cm as your gestation) then they can ultrasound to measure the size and see if there is a problem


Ca__sie - August 11

My doctor said I was measuring big, but he didn't go into any sort of explanation... and I didn't know what to ask. So... if I am measuring big, that could mean gestational diabetes? I thought I might just have a big ole baby... Anyone know?


Maryellen - August 12

They Measure from the end of your pelvic bone to the top of your uterus...I am 27 weeks measuring 28


claire - October 4

im 23weeks pregnant and measuring 21cms,is that normal measurement?


Ellie - October 4

Everyone is different.. the fundal height range is an estimate (depends on the individual size, etc). You can not get the due date based on your measurements. The only think you should be concerned about it that you grow around 4 every month.



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