Stomach Pain In The Middle Of The Night

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ginger6363 - March 12

Just wanted to know if anyone wakes up with stomach pain in the middle of the night...for me it's like a dull ache. I don't know if I should be concerned or if I am just hungry. I usually eat a large dinner around 6:30 or 7:30 PM and then don't eat again till morning. I wake up with dull pains around 2 or 3 AM. It's usally gone by morning though.


Peachtree - March 12

Hi ginger- I woke up one night with a bad pain in my lower left abdomen area. I was concerned, but I had to pee, so I got up, and it was even painful to walk. As soon as I pee'd, it went away. Have you noticed a connection as to whether or not you need to pee when this pain comes?


ginger6363 - March 12

hmm...interesting...actually, the reason I wake up is usually b/c I have to pee. :) But even after I still feel the dull ache.


JerseyGirl - March 12

Ahhhhhh! Ginger, I've gotten that for the past week or so! It's not like a gas bubble pain, or even the pain from having to pee (though that's what wakes me), but just a pain. Sometimes it's hard to even turn over in the middle of the night. You're right, it starts in the middle of the night, but after I get up and shower and start my day, it's totally gone. I'm 26 weeks - how far along are you?


Cathy2 - March 12

HI GInger, It's exactly 3am everynight when i wake up too! Usually the pain I feel is the need to pee, other times I am so hungry I can hardly stand it...other times I just ache for no sleeps are awful and they have been for weeks...goodness knows how it will be a few months from now! Oh, and did I mention the hamstring cramping?...add that to the list!


ginger6363 - March 13

hey ladies, well, at least I'm not alone in all my aches and pains. :) jerserygirl: I am 14 wks. I know it will be worth it all in the end, but man, you really have no idea what's it's like to be PG till you experience it! :)


JerseyGirl - March 14

I just can't believe the pain is like clockwork. Same thing with my lower back. It's fine all day long and even for the first few hours of sleep. After I wake up to pee around 1am, my back starts to hurt as does the stomach. Neither pain goes away until I get up in the morning and start my day. So weird. On another note, I had my glucose tolerance test today and pray that I pa__s. Drinking that c___p got me sick, and I can't imagine failing and having to do it again!


kimberly - March 15

Sounds like your ligaments and muscles stretching to support your growing uterus. I get this at night a lot too. Not much we can do about .



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