Stomach Pains

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Heidi - May 9

I'm 16 wks. I know cramping is normal but at night I sleep on my stomach. When I roll over I sort of stretch out and I get these really sharp pains under my rib area and the top of my tummy. They're almost like charlie horses in my belly. They hurt really bad sometimes. I'm not sure why. It's not uncomfortable to sleep on my stomach yet either so I don't know what's causing this to happen. Anyone else have these sharp pains while sleeping?


abby - May 9

sweety you cant be sleeping on your belly ask your doctor. if the pain happense at night dont you think it could be cause of that try not sleeping on your back see if theres a difference if not then its somthing else


Heidi - May 9

But I really don't have a belly. It doesn't hurt to lay on it either. I'll ask my doc today at my appt.


Beth - May 9

I am 24 weeks and my cramps are not on my belly (I can't lay on it anyways, haa haa) But I am starting to get extremely bad cramps in my calves, they feel like charlie horses in my calves and actually bring me to tears.


Heidi - May 9

I too have woke up a few nights now with the most horrible charlie horses in my calves. My feet hurt a lot more too lately. Not sure why!


Brook - September 3

It is best to sleep on your left side to prevent blood flow from beings topped to the baby. As for the calf cramps that is very normal the only way to get rid of them is to flex your leg out and ma__sage it.


elizabeth - September 3

i am also 16 weeks pregnant and my doctor said it was fine to sleep on your stomich...just untell it gets its fine..thats what they all told me..but that doesnt have nothin to do with your belly..its prolly just the muscles streatching..which is normal also...


Sherry - September 3

Hi Heidi, I've been having the same stomach cramps at night too. It almost feels like you've been doing too many sit ups or something. I think it's normal due to everything being streched and the increased pressure. If it was something to worry about I think it would happen more often than just at night. Incidentally I also notice it when I'm shoulder checking in the car and I twist too's gotta be just the muscles adjusting.


alli - September 4

I'm 17 weeks and I was woken in the middle of the night with the exact cramps, just above my tiny bump. I used a hot water bottle to relieve the discomfort, and i have worried about it ever since!!!


kad - September 5

i have a question Whats a charlie horse?



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