Stomach Pains And Pinkish Spotting At 13 Weeks Pregnant

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Nik-E - January 20

Are stomach pains and pinkish blood spotting at 13 weeks normal? HELP PLEASE I'M A SPAZZ!!!!!!!!


Mack - January 20

I'd go and see a doctor STAT, if nothing else just to relieve your stress.


Rhea - January 21

I agree with Mack. You should definetly schedule an appointment to see your obgyn ASAP. I am now 19 Weeks pregnant and at 7 Weeks I had the very same symptoms your speaking of. I went to the emergency room and found out that I was having a threatned miscarriage (the placenta was not connecting to my uterus so blood was filling the space). A few days of bedrest and I was fine. I am now 19 weeks pregnant and seem to be having a healthy pregnancy. So if this is the case do not be afraid. Just please go to the doctors immediately.


tasha - June 2

Do you gain weight with pregnancy after only 4 week?


CINDY LOU - June 2

I was having the same at 14 weeks and my doctor said that if it were right around what would of been my period than it was normal and sure of enough it coincided with that time I've been having pink spotting every month so far right around the same time


Kim - July 28

I am about to give birth to my second child but this is in fact my fifth pregnancy. As far as stomach pains and spotting.....don't worry. If you were going to miscarry, you would know it. It will feel like menstrual cramps along with bleeding that may get heavier as time goes on. Usually the stomach pains are due to the stretching of the uterus. The spotting is also very normal and will subside eventually. As long as you do not have heavy bleeding or are spotting for several days, you probably do not need to be concerned. However, still make sure to ask a doctor about it...many times they will do a sonogram to make sure that everything is still alright. It could just mean that you need to be put on bedrest for a few days.


alicia - August 9

Stomach pains and pinkish spotting at 13 weeks pregnant.



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