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Prisca Hitchston - April 13

Ladies !! I was wondering if it's possible to be 3-4 mths pregnant and the doctor wouldn't detect it. I ask because i feel movements in my lower belly which are not gas, but the ones i felt for the 1st time when i was pregnant with my kids. Also my belly has grown, i thought it was in my head , but i really can feel the "bubbles" and my waistline has doubled in the last 3 mths and none of my pants fit. I had numerous BFN's and still have short af, but doc says i can't possibly be pregnant. Did anyone went thru that and turned out being pregnant anyway ? thx for reading me.


D - April 13

Did he ever do an u/s? If not, can you get one?


m - April 13

Uh, have you or your doctor ever thought of doing a PREGNANCY TEST?


Trish - April 13

I would request that they do a blood test to check for pregnancy and also a ultrasound to find out if you are pregnant. I had my period although it was light all throughout my first pregnancy and nothing was wrong with me or the baby. He is now 19 yrs old. So its possible to have a light or spotty Af and be pregnant. And it is also possible to have neg home ept's. I would get a blood test done asap, and if that says your not pg then an U.S. would be able to show if something was wrong. Intestinal or something. Good Luck


Misty - April 13

Hey m, that is what BFN means, that she had numerous "big fat negatives", meaning she was taking pregnancy tests and getting negatives. :-) I just learned what that meant two days ago. I have heard of it happening in women who are overweight. They had a whole thread about it where they were pregnant, even saw the baby on an ultrasound, but tests consistantly came out negative. none of them knew why and their doctors don't know either. It is strange. I even tried to look it up on the internet and couldn't find anything. If you aren't overweight though I have no idea.


rb - April 13

last year i took 2 hpt's and 2 urine tests at the dr... and then asked for a blood test which finally confirmed i was pregnant - at 8 weeks! - 3 weeks after i thought i might be - go make triple sure just in case - you don't want to risk the baby if you are...


Prisca Hitchston - April 14

Hello ladies, thank u so much for reading me and for the advices. I see it does happen to have BFN's ( big fat negatives) , short af ( periods) and still be pregnant. Misty, i am not and have ever been overweight, i am quite slim and quite tall too. I always make sure that my belly stays flat, but now it has a huge bump. I do look about 4 mths. My doc finally agreed for a scan, so i will go soon. I'd rather go there and find nothing and be safe than , not going , wondering and still be pregnant1 I know it is hard to beleive, but after what i read, miracles DO happen. I will keep u posted. Thank u again.


i feel it too! - April 14

could you let us know how the scan goes,as this is also happening to me


P.H - April 14

Sure -i feel it too-, i'll let u know the outcome, but it won't be b4 another few weeks.



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