Stop Guessing No One Know S What They Re Having

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nikki - May 11

all this wifestale oh if the baby heartbeat is this much is because its a girl or a boy oh if your belly is huge then your having a boy that is not true i dont understand why you choose to believe this


bump - May 11



To Nikki - May 11

It is just fun trying to guess, that is all. do you have to be so negitive?


nm - May 11

It is all in fun:)


D - May 11

Hey! I know what I'm having! Its a baby.... (sorry, couldn't help a smart remark... its one of those days...)


D - May 11



:-( - May 11

Nikki, are you always this miserable??? It is fun for pregnant woman to guess and to gender prediction tests, and go by a heartrate. Why are you such a sour puss???


Jessie - May 11

Its for fun, get off your high horse. I have enjoyed predcitiing the s_x of the baby, we know its not true.


Wendy - May 11

If your pregnant, I sure hope you are not going to be a cold, mean & misreable mother as you have been to all these very excited pregnant woman. Boy you really know how to try to ruin and take the fun out of something so amazing for other people.


Mama Crow - May 11

Wow. What a funny coincidence. Just yesterday my own doctor grinned at me and said. "Huh. What'dya know! Heartbeat 170. You know what that means don't you? It's a girl!" (It seems even tired, narrowly focused, dedicated professionals have a sense of humor.) Sorry. Too ornery not to share my story.


Jodie - May 12

I agree totally with everyone it is just fun. i have a feeling im having a girl but sometimes with my cravings i think wow maybe im having a boy but i dont mind either way. i must add though with my first child while i was in labour a midwife listened to the heart and said "youre having a girl" and she was right


To Bump - May 13

The "bump" posts are very stupid -- get a life!


Kimber - May 13

Anyone referred the Chinese Lunar Calendar? If so, what were your results? Mine says girl. (Still holding out hope for a boy though). Just for fun I checked it for my previous two children and it was correct. Recently dreamed I had an alien baby. I think I can safely "GUESS" that won't happen!



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