Strange Baby Kicking Question

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Angie - November 20

I have felt my baby moving for many weeks. I'm now in my 24th week. The last few weeks I've been feeling less little flutters and more pows. For a while I thought they were braxton hicks contractions, but now I'm not so sure. Am I feeling the baby kicking or punching me. At times when I feel it, I can see my whole belly move. What is it?


g - November 20

When i was pregnant with my daughter(she's now 5 years) i don't remember the flutters,but i SURE remember the kicks! She to would kick so hard my tummy would move!I would hold my gla__s resting it on my belly and she would kick so hard everyone would laugh when they saw the water or whatever i was drinking move so much! I think i was in my 5/6 month also! Now i'm just 20 weeks and feel my baby getting stronger to! But always check with your DR if your not sure.Congrats!


elizabeth - November 20

my baby is a major mover..haha..Kicks so hard that sometimes it hurts, i am 27 weeks..almost 28 weeks. My whole stomach moves and i think its the coolest in the world. It is alot of pressure though, i know that is, especially when my baby was breach and would kick on my cervix, that made me cramp, now most of the time it kicks on my blatter which sometimes i cant make it fast enough to bathroom on time haha...and when i sneeze , yea that dont go so well. Its when you push a little bit on my stomach, the baby will kick back in the same spot...its so cute. But what really is uncomfortable is when the baby has its hand or foot, or whatever is pushing on me like kick and keep it in the same spot and then slide it across my stomach..haha that is uncomfortable but really cool. I remember about prolly couple weeks ago i think the baby did a whole tumble, and it hurt so bad. i love it haha


Tess - November 21

Im not sure if this is too early to tell or what. I am 14 wks, 3 days and yesterday (sunday) I felt my baby moved. Like a little punch on my lower abdomen......I know its too early to tell but can you really feel your baby at that early stage? I know its not gas..


Kathy S - November 21

at 14 weeks I feel mine move too. Some women are more sensitive to the movements more early on.


m - November 21

i am in my 17th week and have been feeling movement for the 3 wks or so. my daughter kicked me so hard you could see my whole stomach move. people would laugh all the way across the room and tell me an alien was gonna pop out soon!



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