Strange Mole Bump On Nipple

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bex - May 11

A few weeks after I found out I was PG (I am 16 wks now) a mole / bump appearred on my right nipple, it doesn`t hurt or itch and it hasn`t got any bigger. It is not a brown mole it is sort of nipple coloured. I wan`t worried becuase I put it down to being pg and I read that moles etc can increase, has anyone else had this? I would be grateful for your comments.


Hana - May 11

Yeah i just posted in another thread that i had the same, and its so gross coz i have a few on each nipple....guess its must be normal then. When you find out what they are please let me know lol sorry im no help:)


AppleCake - May 11

I think you are looking at the sebum glands, they do have a proper name but I can't remember it. Sebum is what lubricates your skin. When you are preg, the hormonal and breart changes mean these glands produce more sebum, so your nips don't dry out and crack if you b/feed. This makes them look bigger/stand out a bit more. Don't worry they are completely normal, but as usual, best to talk to you doc midwife about it anyway just in caseX


bex - May 11

thanx guys, the only thing is I only have one and it is quite how do it put it?? Nobb;y!! very much like a mole but pinky reddish - I am sure it is from pregnancy but I started to wonder. Hey Hana how big are the pnes you have? Are they nobbly??


bex - May 13

has anyone got this??


Erynn21 - May 13

I don't have this, but I know a lot of women get skin tags, which stick out from the surface of the skin. They can be pink, brown or whatever color your flesh is. A woman I know got one on her eye, it always looked like a clump of mascara because it was almost black. It could be that, I'd talk to my doc. about it.


shortcake - May 13

I was going to say skin tag too. When i was pregnant with my first baby i got a small skin tag right on the nipple it was totally embarra__sing! My doctor just numbed up the area and removed it. Didn't hurt a bit, and I was so glad it was gone! It just looked odd and made me uncomfortable. Like another person mentioned skin tags are more common in pregnancy. I think the bumps you get on the nipple are normal but if it's a small soft fleshy/squishy type thing thats pinkish colored then that would be more like a skin tag. Just show your doctor next time you go in they can tell you and have it removed no problem :)


bex - May 14

Hi, thanx very much, yep you are right it is a squishy thing! I will definetly mention it to the doc!!



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