Strapless Bras

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lala7 - November 12

Is it true that you're not supposed to wear strappless bras during pregnancy due to the underwire? In that case how do I wear strappy tops - particularly as it's summer over here (Australia)??!!


Tory1980 - November 12

Yes underwired bras are out during pregnacy especially if you are wanting to b___stfeed as it can cause blocked ducts or mast_tis - neither you want even if bottle feeding! LOL! I found this on the Australian Breastfeeding a__sociation to explain better (I like the sounds of the plastic support ones). ---------------- Is it true I can't wear an underwire? Many women prefer underwire fashion bras and are confused when told these are not recommended during pregnancy or lactation. The reason for this is, once again, your changing b___st shape. When b___stfeeding, the b___sts can increase and decrease in size during the day, as milk is produced and removed. Retained fluid in late pregnancy can also cause the b___st to swell. Although only a slight change in size is occurring, a rigid underwire may put pressure on the b___st when it is fuller. Such pressure can lead to blocked milk ducts or mast_tis and it is for this reason inflexible underwire bras are not recommended. However, there are now nursing bras available that have a flexible plastic support, similar to an underwire, designed to flex and change position with your changing shape. These are less likely to cause problems.


sarah21 - November 12

That's kind of funny because I have a nursing bra with underwire... I have never heard of that. My sister-in-law and mother both b___stfeed with underwire bras because we have large b___sts and need the support.


Brendansmom - November 12

I have nursing bras with underwire also. I also wore a strapless bra during my pregnancy and went on to b___stfeed without ever having a clogged duct. Good luck.


jennifer_33106 - November 12

I am a very busty woman and I have to have bras with underwire other wise everything is droopy. haha I went to the motherhood maternity store and when asking which maternity bra to purchase I was directed to what was comfortable to me. I have underwire ones and my doctor said they were fine. I think it is more of a comfort level like I said. GL!!!


ROBYN - November 12

OMG if i didnt wear an underwire my b___bs are a DD they would be hitting the bottom of my stomach i never heard that theory ummm. I am not even going to be b___st feeding. I am not concerned i wear whats comfortable for me.



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