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hr - April 15

When did you start to get strech marks? Around what week?


Raye Lynn - April 15

I started noticing mine this week (week 17), I hear they get much worse!!


mandy~ - April 16

i used to have them but they were silver, around my 17th wk they went dark... i started to get marks on my stomache at around 21wks and they grew by the day! they do get worse!


Maleficent - April 16

i don't have any new ones. i think my other two kids streached me out enough. lol. keep your fingers crossed, you might not get any! then we will all hate you. lol. ;o)


Tarah - April 16

I am 25 weeks pregnant and I only have a few on my b___sts, which are silvery. Those showed up at sround 22 weeks for me. I don't have any on my stomach. When my sister had her baby, she said she only got them on her b___sts as well, so you might luck out! Every woman is different, so you'll just have to wait and see! Good luck!


rebecca - June 28

around id say 35 tp 36 weeks is when i started getting them on my tummie but i started seeing them on my b___t around 20 weeks!


Sarah - October 8

I am only 6 1/2 weeks and I have stretch marks starting on my hips and inner thighs!!!!


millie - October 8

i have a few on my tummy at the moment and expecting to have alot more. im 20 weeks


Erin - October 8

I'm 20 weeks and don't have any on my belly or b___sts yet but my b___sts have been itching really bad lately so I guess they're stretching


Emy - October 8

I don't have any on my tummy or my b___sts! My b___sts have not grown much --- my tummy has a nice pouch on it but I don't know...I am starting week 21 on Monday.


shelly - October 8

I'm 22 weeks and I don't have any yet. Not everyone gets them, so I hope I'm one of the lucky ones!!


Ashley - October 8

I'm 20 weeks and I've heard not to scratch when my stomach itches. It's so hard not too!!!! But not marks yet. I'll probaby get to 36 weeks and go, YIPPEE and then explode with a zebra stripe pattern. I'll just have to see, lol.


kendall - October 9

i started to get them on my b___bs first at about 18 weeks i have a small chest so thats probably why. now i have about 5 on each b___st and i use coacoa b___ter daily to help prevent itching and more marks and none on my belly yet i have very stretch skin so hopefully i dont get any.good luck everyone and congrats


cecile - October 10

i am 22 weeks and i don,t have any when i was about 14 weeks i started olive oil on my tummy and i must say it helped me alot good luck guys


jen - October 10

I managed to make it through my first pregnancy until 38 weeks without one. I delivered at 39 weeks with 3-4 purple ones on the underside of my belly. My husband had to tell me they were there because I couldn't see them. I am 26 weeks now and don't have any new ones. The old ones are hardly noticable.


mls - October 10

you don't usually notice stretch marks as much until after delivery and the skin has shrunk back down to size. so best to lube up now, even if you aren't noticing anything yet.


Heather - October 10

My hips started getting them at 12-14 wks, but my stomach just started around 18 wks. I am 26 wks right now, and havne't gotten any more. So far they are only on my lower tummy... that won't be too hard to hide afterwards, hopefully!! ha



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