Stress How Bad Is It For The Baby

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babydreams - June 25

Hi gals. I'm 15 weeks tomorrow, and last night, I got very angry at my husband over something stupid. It ended up being the fight of the century in our house, with me crying and being rather hysterical. I've been a hormonal, emotional wreck these past few weeks and I can guess why! But, anyway, I'm wondering if a fit of crying and emotional activity is bad for the baby. I've been feeling sad and guilty all day ... that I couldn't control my emotions at the time. Yikes. Has anyone had a moment of emotional craziness or a very emotional evening while pregnant? Do you think I'm being overconcerned? My husband is being lovely today, by the way. He's painting the nursery as I type! : )


ThePezChick - June 26

Join the rest of us. I think everyone has been through exactly what you described. It's just a by-product of pregnancy from what I've gathered. Your baby will be fine. Go love on your husband and tell you how much you appreciate his hard work. Mine appreciates it when I do... especially after he's had to deal with one of my hormonal episodes.


mandee25 - June 26

I have also wondered about stress and hurting the unborn baby. I have had a few of these crying/yelling episodes already, mostly due from work stress and I felt so bad afterward because I couldn't handle my emotions and just let it all go.


Lilu - June 26

I actually was goin through a very stressful time when I first got pregnant and my fear was miscarrying b/c of the stress. I asked the doc and she said stress will not make you miscarry. I read somewhere that if your stressed trhoughout your whole pregnancy, it can cause low birth weight. But it's normal for you to be emotional and have these bats every now and then. It's normal... so I wouldn't sorry yourself about the emotional well being of your baby. I think your all good!! Have a great day.


flower.momma - June 26

Yes, yes, yes! The other night my hubby and I got in a big row about something stupid, and I ended up screaming at the top of my lungs for about a minute. After I did that, I felt much, much better, but I also felt like a huge jerk for acting so childish. We were in the car later, and I apologized. My hubby was so nice, he just said, "sometimes you have to get those feelings out." I felt a lot better after that. I know I'm not usually this irrational, its just my hormones and fatigue from taking care of an 18 month old as well as being preggers.


luvacuppajoe - June 28

That's a great question! I don't think that the occa__sional fit of anger or stress is going to do any real harm, but I am convinced from my own experience and talking to other women that prolonged and near constant stress will very definitely have a negative effect on the baby. Ask moms who've had collicky babies how stressed they were while pregnant, you'll get an idea of what I mean. I was stressed big time with my first and she was "collicky" for 3 months until my stress was gone. I had a great pregnancy with the second and she was as laid back as they come, so I'm really committed to having a stress free pregnancy this time. When mom is stressed, the body is flooded with stress hormones and they do cross the placenta to baby's developing nervous system. Some stress and axiety is unavoidable, but personally, I think it's better to find ways to avoid it if at all possible. I know, easier said than done sometimes.



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