Stress And The Affects On The Baby

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micsmms3 - August 8

Hey all, just wondering what you've heard or been told by your docs about stressing out- and affects it has on the baby. I've been reading books, but nothing addresses it. Everything just says, that you shouldn't get stressed out, because it's hard on you and the baby... Please provide definitions!, details Thanks!


mary b - August 10

Stress comes in many different levels. I think severe stress that causes you physical issues may cause some problems. They say the calmer you are in pregnancy the calmer your baby will be but who knows. Small stress like bills, debt, traffic, etc is no big deal. I exercise 7 days a week and i do it to keep stress levels down. But not all days are good. Like today I am going to have to beg my hubby for a ma__sage cause I am totally stressed. Try yoga and deep breathing


Ms.Aren - August 12

Well, I recently found out my baby has cysts on his right lung and I was crying pretty hard. The nurse told me that the baby knows when I'm stressed and it will upset the baby. Any medical book will tell you that stress can cause all kinds of problems, from heart problems to headaches, etc. So, do your best to stay calm and if you think you might need some medication to help take the edge off, let your doctor know because there are many that are approved for pregnant women.


little momma - August 12

i was always stressed out when i was pregnant and i ended up havin high blood pressure and had to do bedrest. my dr said stress couldnt have caused it but i do believe it had a big part to do with the preeclampsia, but i was always stressed out bad either mad and upset or crying all the time


micsmms3 - August 12

Was just reading over another thread on feeling sooo emotional... Thanks for your input, and well, let's try not to get too worked up. : ) Good Luck!



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