Stressed Over Bat Mitzvah With The Ex Girlfriend

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Baliezer - May 30

My stepdaughter is turning twelve in June. So her mother is throwing a Bat mitzvah for her. The problem is that me and her mother had a falling out 6 years ago, and she has been very difficult every since. For instance last year my husband threw a Bat mitvah for her and asked the mother for some pictures for the photo album. She supplied us with lewd photos of her and my husband when they dated 10 years ago. During that party, despite the contant flow of wine, there where a couple of hostile shoves on her part as she walked by. This year I am pregnant, and wine is not an option. I have considered not going, but I am afraid of what kind of stunt she would pull in her favor. WE HAVE NO IDEA WHAT SHE HAS DONE FOR THIS PARTY. Does anyone have any safe suggesting for getting though this one night in sanity? By the way I am 12 weeks pregnant today. Yipeee.


mjvdec01 - May 31

Do you really care what she does, or thinks? If you are uncomfortable with the idea of not going, then I would go and be as sickningly sweet to her as possible. Compliment her outfit, and the party infront of others at the party and watch her squirm. If everyone else there sees and hears you being so nice to her they won't think much of anything nasty she says about you. It is really hard to be horrible to someone who is nice to you. If she does anything totally out of line, like shove you, knowing you are pregnant then by all means exclaim your condition as loudly as possible for all to hear and leave. That will leave her looking bad. Anyway, this is what I would do.


HeavenisMine - May 31

Ah yes, kill her with kindness. For me it has worked every time :)


TIFFY729 - June 8

Hopefully I am not to late? I would suggest that you stay away to be on the safe side. To me she sounds jealous of the relationship you and your spouse have and if she doesn't know your pregnant she can really pull a stunt and maybe even worse if she does know. Being pregnant is stressful enough.I say stay home and do something you enjoy.


Bilmes123 - June 10

shes turning 12 and having a bat mitzvah? i thought it was when the girl turns 13 like the boy. I know in my family its when they turn 13


ejmeskan - June 10

I am not Jewish but from what I have been around- it is generally 13 for boys and 12 for girls!!


Skyeblue - June 10

She will most likely not do anything more than be annoying which you can get over being the better one. Enjoy yourself and your step daughter and I like the suggestions of being really sweet.



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