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Jessica - December 14

Hey Moms to be!! Does anyone else find to be stressed out ?? Everything seems to be going wrong... !! I have this cat (which i posted in another convo called "cats ) and it is soo bad , peeing on all my things!! (clothes couches , daughters snowsuit ) and i dont have the money to get its shots and get him fixed right now ! ! i dont kno if thats even his problem! he is always knocking over my christmas tree.. im to the point where i just want to take it down! My whole apartment stinks like cat p___s which probably isnt good for my unborn baby!!! Actually its not good for anybody in this house!! Laundry is stacked up to the celing!! Dishes are full in the sink!!! Bed rooms a mess so imstressed out to even sleep!! I have a 15 month old that i love dearly , but find it hard to meet to her every need when im running around this evil cat all the time!! it is annoying!!


Cat - December 14

You need to get rid of the cat. You have not named one good thing about having him. Why have a cat that you cannot afford to take care of? It is your responsiblilty to get him vaccinated and fixed. I don't mean to sound rude, but there are tons of animals out there running wild for these exact reasons. Someone got them, couldn't take care of them, set them free with out being fixed. They end up having more babies and spreading disease. Not to mention, spay. neuter lowers their risk of many cancers and problems. His peeing everywhere is definetly a result of puberty and it's going to result in respirtory problems for you and your family. Not to mention the mess and the smell. If I were you, do yourself, your family and the cat a favor. Put him up for adoption. Everyone will be happy in the long run. Hope this helps!!


Jessica - December 14

yes thankyou. and i would not set him lose ... thats just mean. Thanks for you response


to Cat - December 15

It isn't going to result in respiratory problems for her family! The rest of what you said I agree with though. Jessica, you've mentioned you've had cats before, but I'm having problems believing that. No offense, but you seem to be a novice. Your cat deserves a better home at this time.


Jessica - December 15

Go ahead and have a hard time to belive it then. I have had to other female cats when i was alot younger. This is my first experiance with a male cat . I absoultly loved my other 2 cats with all my heart , they were never this bad , I should have know tho that boy and girls cats ARE different.


Cat - December 15

I think inhaling the cat pee in a confined space does cause respiratory problems. Cat pee (in large quant_ties) smells and acts just like ammonia. It can cause severe allergies.


to Jessica - December 15

I agree with Lyd. And having a cat when you're " a lot younger" as you state you were does not qualify as knowing about cats or how to take care of them... whether they're female or male, fixed or not.


Jessica - December 15

Ok listen , i was never saying i kno or dont know how to look after cats , i dont care!!! thats not hte point here! thats not why i wrote this topic on the forum! Just nevermind anymore


Lyd - December 15

Where did my post go?


tsk tsk - December 15

Some people don't like to admit they are in the wrong!!! 2 threads and everybody keeps telling her the same,she is just hoping somebody will agree with her and blame the cat.


Jessica - December 15

To Tsk Tsk . No i dont want to blame the cat?!? I know its my fault ... its not his fault he needs to be fixed , and i cant afford it . I was un aware that you add to get male cats fixed in order to tame them so they dont pee before i got him . Im dont with this conversation anyways , why do you want to come on here and make a pregnant person upset anyways?


to Jessica - December 15

It's wise to get cats fixed whether they spray or not for an abundance of reasons. It's kind for the individual cat & for the cat population as a whole.


hmm - December 15

That's funny, I thought only messages with vulgarity & hate were allowed to be erased. Neither my nor Lyd's comments were vulgar or hateful. Is there some kind of bias going on here?


Jessica - December 16

I dont know . I didnt even see Lyd messages ... if it was rude or cursing owner of this forum could of taken it off...


N - December 16

Jessica, I'd stop checking this topic! I know I am. That way you won't even see the posts on here that are unnecessary. No one needs the stress of strangers giving you a hard time for no reason! :) Enjoy your pregnancy! :)


to Jessica & to N - December 16

"Im dont (sic) with this conversation anyways", "I'd stop checking this topic! I know I am." Yeah, obviously you are. rofl


H - December 16

Your cat probably has a urinary tract infection and can't help what he is doing. I worked in a vet clinic for over 5 years and he has all the cla__sic signs. This problem is VERY common in male cats and if it's left un-treated it can be deadly. I suggest you take him to the vet ASAP so they can run a urina___lysis!!!



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