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newmomma32 - February 14

I don't even know if I need the stuff--but I wanted it for prevntion. I am 22 weeks, and haven't noticed anything tho. I bought a pack of 2 containers--150ml--one of the containers was free. Anyway--it was $50 cdn--is that a ripoff? I am considering shopping around.


jennifer_33106 - February 14

I have heard that cocoa b___ter works well. I do know that no matter what if you are going to get them then you will get them. Creams can though make them lighter so I hear. One thing that I was reading up on is that you can minimize them by gaining weight slowly. If anything ask your OB or midwife about what might be able to help ward them off. I actually put lotions and stuff on my belly but I still got them. But hey everyone is different so who knows.


softbreeze200 - February 14

my SIL did a ton of reasearch on them for a uni a__signment and they are 85% hereditary. It is in your genes if you are prone to get them. The other reason is becuase of fast weight gain. So try to slowly put your weight on. A really good cream is the Body Shop Coco Body B___ter. Works well so I ahve been told and it is around $16/container.


Whitney - February 14

I never spent much money on creams with my first pregnancy, the only creams I used were the body shops cocoa b___ter & olive b___ter creams twice a day from the day I found out I was pregnant, & didn't get one single stretch mark - nothing. So far I'm weeks with my 2nd & back to using the same 2 creams twice a day & so far so good ... nothing yet.


fefer1 - February 14

I hear that it's hereditary for the most part...but I never got any with my dd and I used bath and body cream every day because my skin was so dry. I also gained I don't know, must have been lucky!


Cat24 - February 15

whitney is it in your family at all? you must have lucky genes! im 18 weeks and a day so nothing yet but i think i definately will get them as my mum has them. i use johnsons baby oil but am considering something different as it can be greasy and take ages to dry!


treshala - February 15

Newmomma~ In the beginning i was just keeping my belly moisturized w/ lotion and baby oil...and i would make it a point NOT to scratch when my belly would itch...instead i would just lotion. But for the past few months I have been using Bio-Oil (its about $12 dollars at CVS) and the Cocoa B___ter for Pregnant Women (about $6). I dont have any stretch marks yet...other than the ones i had on my bum. I have heard of some women getting stretch marks at the last minute once the baby drops. GL and i hope that helps :-)


treshala - February 15

oh and im 35 wks/6 days by the way :-)


LeslieM - February 15

hi new momma....what the majority of the ladies have said here is true, its in the genes...and how rapid you gain wait. also, it has to do with the elasticity of a person's skin. dont spend a ton of money on expensive creams when its not necesary. just keep your skin hydrated as possible. and remember....lotions and creams mailnly act as a "sealant" to keep the moisture in your skin. drink plenty of water and also, a really good tick i learned? when you are still damp from a shower or bath, rub body oil on your skin. it seals in the water that your skin absorbed. trader joes makes a great lavender body oil that i slather on while sill wet...and it smells great. neutrogena is good too, but you want to pat yourself dry first with that one. good luck!


LinsTwin - February 15

Okay, I know they SAY it's hereditary, but I have to think that what we put on and in our bodies have something to do with it. My identical twin sister and I both gained around 50 lbs with our first pregnancies. She got stretch marks, and I didn't. I know she used creams, but not as religiously as I did. The only other factor that I think may have made a difference is that I exercise a bit more than she does, and I ran throughout my pregnancy. That said, I loved using Palmer's strech mark cream mixed with Neutrogena sesame oil. The oil neutralized the smell of the cream, and the cream eliminated the greasiness of the oil. It smelled good, kept the dry skin itchies away, and as far as I can tell, it worked for me. Good luck!


cors1wfe - February 15

LinsTwin if that is the secret to keeping the skin itchies away I am so going to buy it - stretch marks be d__n I HATE HATE HATE being itchy! I take oatmeal baths - and use every other thing imaginable! I am so excited to try that.


newmomma32 - February 15

wow! thanks guys! I am gaining wait slowly as well, by the way. So I am going to return the creams and get my $50 back--yey!


treshala - February 15

yeah...thats the cocoa b___ter i have...its called Palmers for works good i think. I heard that exercise helps and drinking lots of water. Im just kind of like if i get them...its going to really SUCK but at least i know i TRIED not to get them


Whitney - February 16

Cat 24 I think you may be right, genes probably had more to do with no marks then the cream. My mom had 4 kids & maybe 1 or 2 stretch marks too. But using the cream can't hurt, it does help with the itching. All I know is I used the cream & got nothing - if it was my genes or cream who knows, but I;m for sure doing the same thing again just in case.



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