Stretch Mark Cream

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BBK - January 28

I was wondering if any of the ladies have had real good experiences with a particular brand of cream, or any other tips. I've been using a coconut based brand, applying it on my wife's belly, back and thighs. I don't know if that's enough though because her skin feels really tight. Any tips or advice will be appreciated.


DEE - January 28

I have been using udder cream it is sold in the lotion dept at walmart i use it during the day and when i get out of the shower i use palmers stretch mark oil and then use bath and body works lotion. my skin still feels tight but it feels better afterwards


BBK - January 28

Thanks DEE


tara - January 28

I have heard that the Biotherm strech mark cream works wonders REALLY well as a preventative. It also works for those women who just gave birth and want to reduce the strech marks. Another brand that is realyl popular is the Body shop one.


jean - January 28

I've been using coconut stretch mark cream stuff my skin is still tight i'm in my 7th month and have no signs of sttretch marks .


Lyn - January 29

I have been using palmers strech mark cream has done me wonders...


sg - January 29

I have been using palmers cocoa b___ter cream (the kind in the jar, not tube) and I have had no problems.


amber /jan.30th 2005 - January 30

I was very small when i got pregnant so i stretched alot but i can say that (MOTHERS FRIEND) is the best thing its a life saver for stretch marks im so glad i found sothing that actually worked ...


litty - March 22

hi now i am 4 th month of pregnent women,till no w i dont have any strech which month onways i have to use strech mark cream?i am having severe itching in my abdomen.i used to strach some times.this may cause strech marks?????????


amanda - May 19

vitamin e oil is made for skin getting tight and dry to help prevent from strech marks. you may try that as well as other products it has worked for me so far


Wanda - May 19

I know women who have used everything imaginable, shea b___ter, cocoa b___ter, mother's friend, and still got stretch marks. I would not scratch, drink plenty of fluids to make your skin elastic-y and use a moisturizer of your choice. But genetics also have a hand in this, and so just keep in mind that all the high dollar products and good intentions may not stop them from comming out.


tom - August 8

baby lotion or baby oil



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