Stretch Mark Cream

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varughmi - March 5

can any one advice me on this. which one is the best cream to use for getting no stretch mark .I am on 14 weeks. when should i start using it ?


lily10 - March 6

I have been using Palmers cocoa b___ter and The Body Shop cocoa b___ter cream. They both make my skin nice and soft and so far at 23 weeks no stretch marks, but it's still early. I guess the bottom line is that if you’re going to get them then there is not much you can do. I still think well moisturized skin will have more stretch mark free stretching ability then dry skin.


Kime - March 6

Well i have used every cream in the world i still have stretch marks at 22 weeks. But before i got pregnant i was very muscular with an awsome tummy. As soon as my stomach started to stretch out a little too far i got my first stretch mark. I use the Mary kay stretch mark cream twice a day and its not gonna get rid of my stretch marks but it helps. I wonder why some people get stretch marks and some don't i used to think it was b/c i was skinny was why i was getting them, but it seems like the women who are toooooo skinny never get stretch marks even though their bellies get abnormally big for their size. I don't know it sucks though. I knew i was going to get then though b/c my mom has them real bad, plus im black so kinda prone to get them anyways. But ya i'm going to buy some stri-vectin after i have her to see if it works......


tiramisu - March 6

I started using stretch mark preventer at around 4 months. I highly recommend Tummy Honey - comes in a tube so it's easy to apply and smells just like honey!! As for stretch marks, I hear it's completely genetic. If you mom had them, there is a chance that you develop them. So far, i'm almost 24 weeks and have no stretchmarks (knock on wood!) Congrats!!!!


Cad0587 - March 6

I only have stretch marks on my b___sts which is p__sing me off because they're so ugly!!!


debbie80 - March 6

I am 14.3 days prego and I just bought Palmers lotion the other day at babies-r-us...I am very pet_te and my belly is starting to show a little so I just want to start preparing my body ....good luck


Cevvin - March 6

First off, if your going to get stretch marks without cream, you'll get them with cream. I used palmers tummy b___ter, and straight up vitamin e oil. But after 7 months of twice daily use, bam i have stretch marks. The cream may help make them less visible, but dont expect to much. It helps take the itch away from stretching skin mostly. Good luck


JolieLucker - March 6

tummy honey.. google it.. you can buy it online. i've tried a lot of stuff and this is the best .... promise!


flipthea - March 7

I heard that Shea b___ter is better than cocoa b___ter. I guess I will try both.



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