Stretch Mark Prevention

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Ry - October 14

Hey girls!! So they say if you are gonna get stretch marks, your'e gonna get them and theres no preventing them. I choose not to believe this and will do anything to prevent myself from getting them. I am 15 weeks and still only weigh 108 so I am scared I am gonna gain a ton of weight all at once. Do any of you know any good strategies to keep 'em away or what are the best lotions use?? Also how often should you apply it. Thanks for all you suggestions.


Beth - October 14

I use Palmer's cocoa b___tter formula, I didn't gain any weight until around week 18, I'm 25 weeks now, 17 lbs heavier and no stretch marks yet...I apply lotion like 4 times a day. I am like you, when I got preggo I weighed 125, I've always been skinny, worked hard for it and have been d__n proud of it. I will not get stretch marks!!! But my skin hurts, and the lotion just plain feels good, I'll let you know if I get one, but my friend swore by this stuff, twice a day and she has no stretch marks, except on her b___bs. Good luck! If you come across any toher good methods let me know..


.... - October 14

um u are gonna gain weight becuase your pregnent. u should not have a problem with that or dont have a baby


Ry - October 14

oh my, please tell that last post is a joke. i cannot wait to start showing! i just would not like stretch marks, i don't think there is anything wrong with that.


JG - October 14

No Ry...there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. I don't want them either!!! I am 30 weeks and don't have one....but I HAVE NOT been doing anything to prevent them. I should be. I know it's hereditary to get them. So, I figure...if I'm going to get them...I'll get them. There's nothing you can do. In the beginning I did try that Palmers Cocoa B___ter stuff...made me sick..the smell, so I stopped that. Now, I just use baby's lotion probably once a week. I don't even have that line going up and down my midsection yet. But, I posted something on the 3rd trimester forum and someone replied back that they can show up after you're pregnant....even if they were a no show during the whole thing. So, I'm dumbfounded as what to do but expect the worse and hope for the best! :) Good luck.


nic nac - October 14

i hate to tell you but there is nothing you can do to prevent stretch marks. A lot of the reason why you get them has to do with your genetic make-up. The only thing those creams do is to help reduce the appearance of any stretch marks you may get. If you exercised a lot before and during your pregnancy that can help too. but no cream helps to eliminate.


Beth - October 14

Does anyone else's skin hurt though? I find the lotion really soothing, I'm 25 weeks, and my skin is continuously feeling irritated and it hurts!


nic nac - October 14

my skin hurts too. and i am using this soothing cream i got from motherhood maternity. Its called belly itch cream. it helps to increase your skin's elasticity and soothes itchy skin. it works great for me.


Beth - October 14

nic nac how far along are you? I've gained 15 lbs, but it feels like the wait has all gone to my belly, I'm not bigger anywhere else, except maybe my b___bs.


Jen - October 14

I swear by vitamin E oil 3X per day. There are a few posts on the 3rd trimester site if you want to check them out.


nic nac - October 14

beth i am 25 1/2 weeks. i have gained 25lbs. so far. it's mostly in my belly. my b___bs are so d__n itchy and full of red marks. The cream helps but i don't understand how my b___bs can be so itchy when they aren't that much bigger. i went from a 36C to a 38D. they don 't look that big though.


dani - October 14

Hi, I'm 29 weeks pregnant and don't have one stretch mark yet?? I've also gained 29 lbs too.....starting pre-pregnancy weight was 115 lbs, so I was a fairly small girl and still nothing yet. I use palmer's coco b___ter and alternate it with some more expensive stuff called seems to be working so far.


nic nac - October 14

i have some stretch marks on my backside where my belly is stretching but none on my belly. they aren't that noticable yet but i pray i don't get any on my belly. my mom doesn't have any.


Erin - October 14

I don't have any stretch marks but I've been very itchy as well :( I'm 21 weeks and I itch mostly on my b___bs and my sides.. I guess this is skin stretching but I hope not!


Lisa - October 14

Hi Ry! Palmers is a good brand. Anything to keep your skin moisturized really with no perfumes or anything if you can help it as they dry the skin. If your skin is really dry you are more prone to wrinkles, stretchmarks and such so it's best to keep it hydrated. I bought some 100% Shea B___ter and Virgin Cocoa B___ter from an African Free Trade website and I love it. I put it on twice a day and it keeps me really hyrdated; I rarely itch and when I do I just put a bit more on. It's all natural with no dyes or perfumes and I am having great success with it.


t - October 25

i use Palmers stretch mark lotion. Kind of pricey, but it has NO smell and keeps belly very supple, and without the gross cocoa b___ter smell. I am 24 wks and have no stretch marks yet. I dont really get the heredity thing, because my mom got stretch marks really bad, but then my sister had not even one? So we will see. Good luck to everyone.


Beth - October 25

to T-where do you get your palmer's? I get mine from walmart it's only like $5, I'm in Canada though, just wondering where it's expensive....



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