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evae777 - September 20

anyone have this fear? any suggestions on how to keep them away.. i am so little that i may be doomed with the extra flab and stretch marks. i have used almost an entire bottle of belly oil to prevent it. some women are reallylucky, they don't have problems with this. i already see some white lines at where my waist is supposed to be... bummer.


sarah21 - September 20

Yeah I'm already getting them on my hips at 13.5 weeks. Sigh. Some doctors say your skin is either going to stretch or it won't, and others say that cocoa b___ter helps. I'm going to more faithfully try a cocoa b___ter/vitamin e cream and see what happens. Good luck to you.


ROBYN - September 20

I was pretty lucky stretch marks are heridatary i didnt get them with my son whos now nine. My sister didnt get them with either kids she has an 8 week old none of my cousins did my mom didnt either. Its either gonna happen or not really hard to prevent them.


lisa mc - September 20

hi i also have a fear of stretchmarks!! i have a daughter who is 4 and i never got any with her but i didnt really get that big. i am now pregnant with my second and i am ma__sive and am only 14 weeks!! i am so scared for stretchmarks cause i loved my stomach after having my daughter no stretchmarks and so flat!!! i have started using bio oil and cocoa b___ter cream aswell so fingers crossed!! (i never used anything with my daughter)


iahabb - September 20

Unfortunately, it's not even necessarily hereditary. My Mom had no stretch marks with both her kids and I got terrible ones starting as early as 13 weeks with my pregnancy. Cocoa b___ter and other creams/lotions help by keeping the skin hydrated and therefore may reduce the number of stretch marks you will eventually get but it is unlikely that they will prevent new stretch marks from forming (or reduce existing ones). Also, stretch marks on darker skin show more than on lighter skin.


ROBYN - September 20

DId a little research just googled are stretch marks heridtary and heres what i found Can I get rid of stretch marks? Unfortunately stretch marks very rarely disappear. However the good news is that they often fade over time . They get smaller and lose their red colour, making them less noticeable. Rubbing oils or cream into the skin will not get rid of stretch marks. Are stretch marks preventable? Unfortunately there is little that can be done to prevent stretch marks. For some women, stretch marks are genetic (hereditary) therefore weight gain has little to do with it. Try and stay within a healthy weight, including when you are pregnant.


sarah21 - September 20

I also heard that the slower you grow during pregnancy, the less likely you are to get stretchmarks, so hopefully by showing a bit early, I'll get to grow slowly... fingers crossed


corbin289 - September 20

I didnt get any with my first and very few faint ones with my second. I used Vit. E oil everyday. They say the key is gaining wait at an even pace, drinking lots of water to say well hydrated and keeping any body parts that could get stretch marks well moisturized. I should tell you when I say no stretch marks I'm talking about stomach and hips. I b___st had them before I got pregnant and as huge as they got from nursing I ended up with more.


Anathi - September 21

I am also seeing some lines on my belly and started Vit e cream and hoping its gonna work with my pregnancy I never had any one or two line and my belly was not big but this time around I'm 22weeks and am big than usual last time no one could say hence I am chubby but now my b___st looks so small I hope my water will help with my skin elasticy


tracielee - September 21

i've also heard that they are hereditary. fortunately i won't have much of a problem since my mom didn't get stretchmarks. thank God. but she did get varicose veins, which in my opinion are WAY worse!! I'm trying to exercise, drink lots of water and keep my feet up... hopefully i won't get those either.. but you never know.


corbin289 - September 21

My chiropractor said if you get adjusted durring and after pregnancy it can prevent alot of the varicose veins.


treshala - September 21

I dont think their is any way to completely AVOID them but the best chance that you have is to keep your belly, bottom, and b___bies moistened. Olive oil or baby oil. AND when it itches RUB dont scratch...if you are able to rub a lub on it when it itches do that.


Stephanie_31 - September 21

My plastic sergon told me that there is nothing that you can do to prevent them. Your skin is either elastic enough or it is not. I am 5' 2' and 120lbs and have stretch marks all over my body from my first. I have a friend that is 5' and 90lbs and she has absolutely no stretch marks after 4 babies!!!


evae777 - September 22

geeshh you never know. some women that are super skinny dont have any stretch marks. you would think since their body is more narrow that they would have more. it is hard to tell, a friend of mine says it is more genetic than anything, but keeping it moist would probably be beneficial. and thanks treshala for the itchng advice, i often scratch when i itch. i will rub it with lotion next time..


cayingo - September 22

I sure hope this is one I get to miss out on. I didn't get any w/ my DD. I keep reminding myself that I have quite oily skin so that will help prevent them. I also make sure to moisturize daily. So far at 16w I am spared, but I know the "big months" are still to come. I guess if I end up w/ them I'll just wear them as a badge of honor. It took sooo much effort and time to get pg this time, I won't mind too much. Small price to pay for a baby in my arms in March. :)



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