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18wbabynov - May 4

so, i just had a question on what all of you do to reduce stretch marks. i have been told to use "palmer's cocoa butter" what do all of you have to say?


Krista - May 4

yes yes...cocoa b___ter is is any good lotion...vitamin E pills are good to get, break, then mix into your lotion. =) Rub the lotion all over your body everyday...twice a day if possible. (you may break out slightly..but OH WELL...I'd rather have a few pimples than stretch marks for life!) lol....then always remember not to ITCH! Your b___sts, stomach, b___t, thighs, might start to itch bad because of your skin stretching .... try to ignore it...itching is what brings them on.


18wbabynov - May 4

k. good to know. thanks!


tryingx3 - May 4

I have been using Palmers and my elbows even feel good! Ha Ha. A friend of mine recommended it over some of the more expensive stuff out there she had tried during her 1st pg.


Erynn21 - May 4

I have a cocoa b___ter stick w/ vitamin E, it's like a deodorant stick, but with cocoa b___ter instead. It is awesome, the palmer's stuff is pretty inexpensive. I also read the don't itch thing and have been trying my darndest to not do it. When I do itch I grab whatever lotion I have near me and slather it on. It sure helps me.


SuzieQ - May 4

I've been using two things - a cocoa b___ter stick from the body shop, and another natural lotion for pregnant bellies. Also, I've been trying to drink lots of water!


1Sttimemomy - May 4

stretch marks can't be prevented they happen from the inside of the skin not the outside .look up stretch marks online and it will tell you scientifically how they form unless you can alter your genetic make up then no amount of lotion will determine weather you get them or not .the only thing you can do is try to not gain alot of uneeded weight ,drink lots of water,and excersize.hope everyone has a happy,healthy pregnancy and baby....


Kara H. - May 5

My doctor said that it falls under the "can't hurt" catagory. It adds moisture to your skin, which will prevent digging and iching which is hard on the skin's integrity. They even give out samples of a belly b___ter.


AppleCake - May 5

Unfortunately 1sttimemommy is right- if you are going to get them then so be it, it is down to skin type. I slathered all types of creams and lotions on including cocoa b___ter, and my midwife said I had some of the worst stretch marks she had ever seen (thanks!) bear in mind I was a uk size 10, and carried twins= V large! I use the palmers now, as they don't appear quite so obvious when the skin is moisturised, and it certainly soothes an itchy stretching belly!


torbman - May 5

I hear ya applecake, I used all sorts of creams too when pregnant with my first two, and it soothed the skin but thats it. I am pregnant with my third and just hoping that I won't get even more of a road map on my tummy. The last pregnancy stretch marks went right up past my belly b___ton. Yikes.


Susan W - May 5

I tried everything (!!!) and nothing helped me with baby #1. If they are going to happen, they're going to happen. I didn't get any until the last 3 weeks of that pregnancy, but I sure got them and to spare, lol. They will fade out over time if you do get them, so don't despair.


SuzieQ - May 5

I've already got some from growth spurts as a teen - what fun that was...... I know I'll probably get them with this pregnancy, but it's also soothing to put on (rubbing belly is good for baby) and it helps so much with itchiness!!!


Evonna - May 5

nothing will get rid of stretch marks but only calm them down. I use cocoa b___ter stick with vitamin e, and it is really good with itch & dryness of the abdomen. I still hadn't got any stretch marks yet but i'll probably get them later in pregnancy.


Erynn21 - May 5

I know it all comes from genetics, but I'm with the it can't hurt category, and anyway I love rubbing my belly. So I'm going to keep slathering stuff on, oh I also found that if I use a body scrub that feels awesome. Hopefully I will follow in the path of my mother because she only had 2 tiny ones and she was huge w/ me.


18wbabynov - May 5

hey... thanks so much for all of your really insightful responses!!! i didnt know id get so many answers! i have another question though, when should u start applying these things to your belly?



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