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maya - February 6

I'm shopping around for the right stroller pram and buggie. have any of you women used or seen the Aprica?? I love what they make!! What do you think? have you heard good things/bad things about their stuff?


meg77 - February 7

Those are really nice but expensive. May I suggest the Bumbleride line, they are awesome. I have the Queen B model. If you get this one, you won't need a jogger, and it converts from pram to front facing.


MooBaby - February 7

Hi meg77, I am interested in the Bumbleride strollers, flyer and queen b models, but I can't seem to find any reviews... since you have used Bumbleride, have you found that they are easy to fold and get into the car? Any other tips or suggestions. They are gorgeous!!!


iakram - February 7

hi meg77 - can i ask you how practical is the Queen B model. I mean it seems as though a child no more past the age of 2 can fit in that....after which it might be a bit of a ha__sle to put them on it? just a thought...i was browsing as well...but just wanted to ask...i don't mean to sound rude...just wondering that's all.


maya - February 7

thank you meg77. not only is aprica expensive but I hear that they break very easily. I just looked at bumbleride. they look very nice!! But I'm in europe and it doesnt seem like they sell here. I would like to see the buggie before buying it.. have you heard of other good pram/buggies? do you think these transformable stroller will last till the baby is 3? or will you have to get one to adapt to his size? thank you ladies~!!


Hi Maya - February 7

If you're in Europe have you looked at the emmalunga range? They are really roomy and have great suspension. My first son is 5 1/2 and it is still in great condition, and believe me that pram has done some walking! I walk for exercise so I wanted something comfortable for bubs. My kids could still fit in it comfortably at three and they always slept really well in it. It is a little heavier than some but I think that is the tradeoff for being more sturdy. I havent had one problem with it! A lot of my friends ended up buying 2 or 3 prams before being happy. It really depends on how much and what you will use it for. If its just in/out car and around shops I wouldnt go overboard, but I was walking at least 6km a day. Good luck!


N - February 8

I'm in the US and am interested in the Bumblerides, however, they do not sell them in my area and I would like to see one before I purchase. Any suggestions on other brands? I am interested in strollers/joggers that also recline to accomodate newborns rather than prams. Thanks!


Ba8y6irl - February 8

Look at the Mountain Buggy too, thats what I am getting... very versatile! It can go through mud, sand, snow, it could go through quick sand! It fits infants to kids and comes with great accessories for lots of storage... it has the single pivot wheel in the front and great for jogging!


maya - February 8

I just made a wonderful discovery!! look at this brand. the maclaren brand looks like it has the pram/stroller version. I think I might just get this.. just wondering how important it is to have the ba__sinet type pram in the start..


N - February 9

Does anyone know anything about the Bumbleride Rocket? How it handles outdoors, in gra__s, etc... Thanks!



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