Strong Feelings About The Gender Sex Without Ultrasound

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lisa - April 21

Hi all, I am 16 weeks pregnant and dying to find out the s_x of my child. I have been having very strange dreams about the s_x. All the people I work with seem to think I am having a boy, but I really have a strong feeling it is a girl. Do you think mothers intuition is usually correct when telling the s_x of her child??


Leahp - April 21

Hi Lisa! I posted the same question a few months ago! I know exactly what your going through! It's driving me nuts as well! Early on in my pregnancy I had a couple of dreams of a little girl, but everyone including myself have a strong feeling of a boy! I find out next week so we'll see if women's intuition is right! The thread I posted last time had mixed posts, some women had very strong feelings of what they were having and they were wrong and then others were right, I guess it all depends on how much of the wishful thinking goes into it and how accurate your gut really is! Keep in touch and let's see if we're right!


camie - April 21

I had a feeling I was having a girl up until about 3 weeks ago, I had a dream that it was a little boy. In my dream I was at my ultrasound and saw that it was a boy, and that is exactly what happened at my ultrasound this past Monday. Everyone else thought I was having a girl "because of the way I am carrying" which I don't believe in anyway, but they were wrong as well. One of my girlfrieds guessed a boy because I was having all of the same symptoms as she did. So she was correct. So I guess my intuition was wrong but my dreams were correct. Good luck with whatever it is.


nm - April 21

I thought I was having a boy but, found out a couple of weeks ago that I am having a girl.


Julie - April 21

I have a strong feeling I am having a girl because I feel totally different than I did with my son. I have been sick since day one! Haven't had any dreams yet but when I was pregnant with my son I had a dream about him and he was about 3 years old laughing in the dream and he looked as he does today!


Maleficent - April 21

i don't put much thought into dreams anymore after i dreamed i gave birth to a litter of kittens. :o) i was wrong with my other two kids. i thought my son was a girl and that my daughter was a boy. so much for instinct. this time we really think it's going to be a boy. i'll let you know if i strike out again. lol.


SAR - April 21

lol malificent, your posts always make me laugh. i only dream about s_x (the act, not the gender, lol). these d__n pregnancy hormones. i have a feeling mine is a boy, but i think it is just wishful thinking as this is my first baby. i will find out at my u/s in two weeks.


penny - April 21

LOL - I had the same dream of having kittens, oh how awful, I was so afraid that I would have twins!! Then I had a dream about a baby boy/blond with a full beard........Oh hell....... Okay but first I knew was a boy, and no we didn't find out. The 2nd I hoped for a girl, you know one boy, one girl, all is good, nope found out he was he :) Tomorrow I find out if it's a girl or a boy.....still hoping for that girl :)


monica - April 21

I have a friend who seems to think that you always end of having the opposite of what you thought you were having.


Misty - April 21

Well sjoot, we were flat out told by our doctor at our 20 week ultrasound that it was a girl. Didn't find out she was a he until 30 something weeks. He still has a pink bunny rabbit towel.


rae - April 21

I'm 18 weeks and can't wait to find out. I have no idea one way or another. I have a sister and she never found out but was sure she was having a boy. She had a boy, so I would say say some women just know.


Lyn - April 21

I honestly thought I was having a boy only because I wanted a girl so BAD! Everyone said i was carrying like a boy, but it is a girl! I've had dreams that it is a girl but recently I had one where the doctor goes its a boy! and all I brought to the hospital was a cute little pink dress to take him home in. That would be awful, so hopefully my ultrasound was correct.


Paula - May 3

Is it true that if you have a boy you have a larger stomach then if you have a girl. I have had three girls and am pregnant with my fourth and final child and although i am happy with all my girls i feel my husband would love the company of another male. Two of my girl friends are having babies and found out they are boys and they have the largest belly's while on the other hand my belly is so small. Can any one help answer my questions??


To Paula - May 3

I never heard about the size of the belly determing the s_x. About us helping answering your question - patience, you will soon know for sure. I wish we could answer the s_x question, we would be happy women and rich, too! My brother had 4 boys! My sister in law was trying to get preggo again because she was sure the 5th one will be the girl she longs for! And she was right! BTW, they wanted to have 3 kids only!


Beth - May 3

I have heard that the size of you belly do have to do with the s_x of your baby, big belly a boy, small belly a girl! I really don't know for sure!!!


Natasha - May 3

This is our first and we would like to have a girl, but I have a feeling it is a boy for some reason. Dont know if that is my brain's way of making sure I dont feel disapointed either way or if I really have the intuition. Thing is I have had lots of dreams about a girl and can only come up with girl names. I did have one dream about a boy in the beginning, but that's it. I might find out at my 16wk ultrasound the s_x if we are lucky and baby cooperates. The tech has a good rep for being accurate. And the best thing is I work there so can get her to take a peek any time ;0) My mom only picked a boys name with my brother and only a girls name with my sister and she didnt find out til they were born what they were.


Carolyn - May 4

I am pregnant and have two wonderful boys. When I was pregnant with them I wanted boys. It was almost like I knew. Hopefully, this time it'll be a girl.



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