Strong Kicks From Baby

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shyann - June 1

I am 20 weeks pregnant and in the last week i've noticed especially when i'm laying down that i'm feeling very strong kicks where i can see my stomach actually move i was very thin before i became pregnant is it actually possible to see my belly move this early from baby movements as i know the baby is not very big at this stage


fefer1 - June 1

Absolutely! I was feeling strong kicks at 16 weeks. I first felt movement around 13-14 weeks. It's great! I think I first saw movement around 18 weeks, but it was small. Now (26 weeks) I feel her all the time and my stomach feels like it's rolling around! Like a little earthquake going on. My husband has been able to see it too for the last few weeks. So no, you're not crazy. I was thin too. My sister, mother of 4, says it just depends on where you're carrying the baby as to how soon you feel them. A friend of mine didn't feel anything at all until 20 weeks.


little_snowball - June 1

i felt kicks as early as 14 weeks. and now at 29, the excitement of being kicked all the time has pretty much left. when i lay next to my boyfriend, he can feel it too. he always says, stop kicking me! it's kind of funny...but it's also aggrivating. she kicks me the most when i lay on my back, so i have migrated to my side for the most part. that's right, i let that five pound little turd win the war.


SuzieQ - June 1

Yup - I didn't feel kicks until 18 wks (for sure - not just wishful thinking kicks) and saw kicks the following week. Stong one!


HannahBaby - June 2

I was 19 weeks when i saw a kick from the outside with my first that i have a little extra skin there ive just started seeing it at 21 weeks


Angiconda - June 2

I am 27 weeks and it seems like the kicks are not as strong now I can still feel him move and every once in a while I get a good kick, but I also have an anterior placenta.


Kim L - June 2

Shyann, these ladies are right. It's so different for everybody. I don't carry much weight in my tummy either, so I saw kicks that early as well. I'm told that if you're leaner in the stomach, you'll probably see and feel kicks a bit earlier. Isn't it great?!?!?! And hey - at 20 weeks, your little kicker weighs almost a pound and is about 10 inches long...that's HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)


shyann - June 2

thanks for the responses everyone it just seems funny because you can't really tell i'm pregnant yet i have a little belly but no one can tell i'm pregnant unless i tell them so it seems strange to feel and see the baby kicking already


mandee25 - June 2

Today I am 16 weeks pregnant and have been feeling tiny flutters in the lower part of my stomach for the past 2 weeks that keep getting stronger and more noticable as time pa__ses. It's the best!


KellyO - June 5

I am the same way. I have been feeling them since 16 weeks. I can even tell the difference between an arm moving around and a leg kicking. The tech tested me to see if I could really tell since the doctor couldn't believe I was feeling it that early. During the u/s she would ask me as she was watching the baby any about 98% of the time I was correct. My little girl never seems to rest. I can feel her almost all the time and they are very strong. Strong enough to see my stomach move. She sometimes curls up on one side and I have a huge hard lump on one side. I hope she enjoys it now because she will be very uncomfortable later. They are projecting her to be 9-10 at birth. My son was 9.1 when he was born ans she is already measuring on the large side. I am not a big person either!


AmyF - June 5

KellyO- they're telling you about how much she will weigh? I was wondering when doctors start telling you that kind of stuff. I'm the same way... I was telling the doc that I felt him kicking me with his foot and I was right- although the little one is head down, he's putting his toes on his forehead and knocking the c___p out of me. It was confusing with the little hits and the hard hits, but now I can tell it's hands AND feet all in the same area LOL


KellyO - June 6

AmyF - They have been telling me the weight and height since my first scan at 8 wks. They tell me what percentile everything falls in compared to the normaL (perfect) baby size, which I don;t know anyone who falls in that category! Anyways by baby is on the large size at 18 wks ahe was measuring everything for the size of 22 weeks. They won't change my date since my son was 9.1 at birth! Good Luck!



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