Stuck On A Name

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stormy - April 30

we have our daughter to be's middle name picked out.. GRACE.. and are stuck on her first name.. our options to date are isabella madeline taliah matilda lillian leilani (lay-la-nee) any feed back would be helpful!!! my sons name is jaydyn...


Mellissa - April 30

i saw on a baby story where they named their daughter ava grace... i thought that was beautiful.


stormy - April 30

yeh thats um heather locklears and reese witherspoons daughters names LOL..not wanting anything thats that common ifykwim


falafal0 - April 30

I know a little girl called Leilani, she's so beautiful and with Grace as a middle name, well, what can I say? Leilani Grace. Goes well. I also like Isabella, always have. Matilda is good also...


Mellissa - April 30

yeah... ava grace is pretty popular. i personally like Grace for a first name, and i was planning on naming my daughter that, but we went with rylee it's ok. Grace Kelly was the reason. She was so beautiful! Anyhow... i really like leilani grace..that's pretty. :)


stormy - May 1

really like Neveah!!!! but we are sticking with our choices so it has to be one form there!!


mommietobe - May 1

We are having a boy , but if it had been a girl her name would've been Hailey Grace. Madeline is a very pretty name too.


eclipse - May 2

What about Callandra Grace? Callie for short...


Ddvinson3 - May 3

Def. Leilani Grace!!!!!! Sounds so pretty together!


Angelaw. - May 3

I like Lillian Grace. I also think it sounds good with your ds's name!


MM - May 3

What about illianna (ill-ee-anna)


EllieBaby - May 3

Leilani is a beautiful name. Leilani Grace has my vote.



I like isabella


mandee25 - May 6

We are naming our baby Emma Grace if it's a girl for sure but if I had to pick one of yours it would be Isabella Grace.


jessicajo - June 5

well grace means graceful. Isabella meansconsecrated to god. madeline means high tower. talia means blooming or from heaven. lillian means lily flower. and leilani means heavenly flower or heavenly child. hope this helps.



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