Stuffy Nose Anyone

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Ronni - October 19

Hi, I am 14 weeks and have had a stuffy nose for a while now. I am constantly sneezing. Has anyone else had this problem? Is there anyhing i can take for it?


Mandi - October 19

I am from the east coast, where stuffy noses (esp in the fall and spring) are common....I attribute it to allergies. I talked to my OB/GYN about this and she suggested Claritin D. It is apparently safe for the little one. I would check with your health care provider for their feedback. She said they used to recommend not taking anything....then they found too many pregnant women in the hospital with sinus infections....which is the last thing a pregnant woman needs (a fever and hospitalization). She said this could be purchased over the counter from any drug store. I have not taken it yet....I found that an occasional benedryl eased my suffering (it was also on my list of acceptable medications from the OB/GYN). It is amazing what a little bit of medication can do.


Tamara - October 19

I too have been getting stuffy nose but it's not too bad. I am starting to have shortness of breath at certain times too...our body's are really going through alot of change. I think there is likely something you can take but you're best to check with your dr before trying anythhing. Best of luck!


Ronni - October 19

thanks for your answers. Mandi- do you take liquid benedryl? Does it help you sleep too? Tamara- I am also getting shortness of breath, it is so scary-i practically do nothing and start to get winded! H0w far along are you both? i am 14 weeks /3d due in April. :)


Erin - October 19

I also have a stuffy nose, TONS of sneezing (which stinks because when I sneeze my bladder doesn't hold as well as it used to - maybe too much information!) and shortness of breath. I can hardly walk up a flight of stairs without panting. I guess it's just more pregnancy woes!


BL - October 19

I have had this problem since about 12 weeks. My sister-in-law had this throughout her whole pregnancy and it never really went away!!!! I'm worried about that.


KFish - October 19

When you are pregnant the blood vessels in your body expand in order to accommodate the more blood that is needed to care for the fetus. Unfortunately, there are a lot of blood vessels in your nose. Towards the end of my last pregnancy I was having nose bleeds every day and I was breathing through my mouth because my nose was not allowing enough oxygen through. I was given a salt water spray but I had to use that every couple of hours. Once your pregnancy has ended, it will go away.


nic nac - October 19

i am stuffy everyday. sniffling and sneezing. i don't take anything for it and i also have shortness of breath. can you do anything for that?


Mary - October 20

Everyday I wake up and can't stop with the sneezing and sniffling. It gets to the point where I get sick from it and vomit. So everyday I am still getting sick and I wish it was just over. I'm 16 weeks.


Mandi - October 20

Ronni --- I have been using the tablet benedryl. It is most important to avoid all medications that contain any alcohol. I am not sure if the liquid benedryl has alcohol, but most liquified medications have alcohol in some form to solubilize the medication. YES it helps me sleep at night.....which was a huge problem when all I did was wake up with a runny or stuffy nose.


Ronni - October 20

thanks mandi, i think i will look into getting me some benadryl tablets erin- my bladder is the same, when i sneeze my bladder goes, there is no controlling it! mary-i'm sorry to hear that you are still vomiting, that's awful. mine just ended a few days ago, i am hoping for good! Is anyone from the NYC/NJ area?


Lisa - October 20

Hi Ronnie! I am 20 weeks and have had a stuffy nose, sneezing and runny nose my whole pregnancy so far and I know it wil continue till I have the baby. It's my hormones, but I'm not taking anything for it. It's amazing what you can get used to! :)


K - October 20

Hi Ronni, I'm about 20 weeks and have the same problem. My nose bleeds sometime in the mornings too. I'm trying not to take anything but my dr said that Afrin nasal spray is ok to use occasionally. Oh yeah I'm from Bergen cty NJ.


Ronni - October 20

Hi K afrin, that is good to know. I am from west new york,nj when are you due?


K - October 20

I'm due 3/11. How about you? Oh we're neighbors, I'm from Saddle Brook, NJ :)


Becky - October 21

My dr. told me I can take Sudafed, which helped a lot.


Ronni - October 21

Hi K I am 15 weeks due 4/15 this is my first, u? Do you know what you are having? i dont know yet, but i cant wait to find out. my u/s is right before thanksgivivg, so i have a few more weeks. Have you always lived in nj?



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