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sadie - October 27

hi i am getting an ultrasound at 18.5 weeks in a week and do not want to know the s_x. but i keep reading on here that 3 lines means it is a girl. am i gonna know now when i watch the ultrasound whether its a boy or girl if the baby's legs are open? i will be disappointed!


Emy - October 27

Hey hon, I knew before she said anything because it was clearly a v____a for me. Nothing else about her was clear I went at 20 weeks. I think you need to tell the tech beforehand that you don't want to know. for me to be able to see the v____a (3 lines) she had to zoom in on the space between her legs. Without her zooming in, there is no way you would be able to tell I am sure. So just tell her that you want it to be a surprise.


Dana - October 27

WhenI had my u/s at 20 weeks, I went in the office and before I even sat down, I told the tech we didn't want to know the s_x, so please don't point anything out. She was very professional, went about her business getting all the measurements she needed and flipping from picture to picture. Then I asked if she had seen anything that would indicate the s_x yet, she said she saw it in one of the first pictures. So yes, tell the tech before she even gets started that you don't want to know. During the session, you don't really know what you are looking at unless they tell you anyway, so you won't know what to look for or even where you are looking (or atleast I didn't).


sadie - October 27

omg, thank you guys so much. i feel so much better now lol!! there are so few GOOD surprises in life that this is one i will cherish! thanks!


mls - October 27

yeah, it's really not that easy to tell. we're not finding out either. just be sure to let them know before hand.


jb - October 27

It wouldnt be easy to tell for you. Especially if you are just getting a regular ultrasound and not a level 2 or 3D one. Boys are easier to spot if they are in a good position. But girls, its very hard to see the 3 lines. The tech pointed them out to me and I never would have reconized them without her pointing them out. Just tell them ahead of time you dont want to know, so they dont point stuff out. Like I said though, if its a boy and he is spread eagle hanging out then it might be hard to miss. Good luck!!!


shelly - October 27

I seen my boys p___s right away, but I would think if you tell them they would avoid them areas.



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