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venus_in_scorpio - June 2

OK I have a really really dumb question. I have had 3 ultrasounds, 2 4-D ones already. I am 15.5 weeks pg. I can only see one arm in ALL of the shots. This is just the angle of the u/s right? I mean, ONE of the times the u/s tech or the doctor would have noticed if my baby had one arm right? Please dont make fun of me i know its a stupid question I just worry so much.


JESS1980 - June 2

Hi Venus: I really don't know the answer to your question, but I think the tech should have noticed if the baby only had one arm. They are suppose to point those things out. Did he tell you the baby looked normal? If it makes you feel better, I think everyone worries about this. If you look at our ultrasound pics, it looks like our baby only has one eye. But during the u/s our tech pointed out that he definitely has two eyes and said our baby and pregnancy looked completely normal. Hope that helps!


mcatherine - June 2

They say there are no stupid questions... Yes, they would have told you if they saw only one arm. I would bet your baby is prefectly normal! I understand, I worry a lot, too - I keep hoping my baby has eyes since it's the only thing I haven't heard that was checked or measured thus far. ( I don't even know if they can tell on level 2s - no 3 or 4D for us).


Mingill - June 2

Hi venus, I'm sure if there was something wrong, you're doctor would have told you by now. It's probably the angle of the ultrasound. I found out at my u/s that they can't see anything under the bellyb___ton. The machine just can't pick up a picture, so maybe baby has found one of the blind spots of the u/s to hid it's other arm. If you're really bothered, just ask your doc.


sophandbob - June 2

I understand how you feel. The legs on my baby's ultrasound picture don't look normal either, but it is the angle of the shot and the fact that it is curled up. I worried after my 2nd scan, but on the 3rd, even tho the picture still came ut odd, the sonographer said everything was fine, and showed us the sole of the baby's feet.


venus_in_scorpio - June 2

thanks... the u/s tech did say the baby looked good... normal.. its just the angle of the one 4-D shot looks like from the legs it looks like its sideways bit its just a shoulder. it could be because she used some kind of weird rotate function... so its probably its shoulder. i also forgot its not a camera its shoud waves bouncing off. i had 1 high-risk scan at 12 weeks checking NT i am guessing the doctor who did the scan (the high riskscans are done by a doc not a tech) would have noticed and said something.


venus_in_scorpio - June 2

the doctors have picked up on everything else that "might be" wrong (all times they were being over cautious so far) so i am guessing if they suspected that the would say something...


sophandbob - June 2

I am quite sure they would've said something. A family friends child's cleft lip was detected on ultrasound and was mentioned, so I am sure that something like that would've.


KellyO - June 5

Venus, I had the same question, so I asked and they told me that my little girl keeps one of her arms by her head almost all the time. I too kept seeing only one arm. They funny thing is, when I sleep, I love to have one of my arms up by me head. If you have any questions, you should always ask.


Dee - June 5

The one us I have only shows one arm in my case the tech said my baby is facing away from the picture so what i was seeing was the back of my baby so only one arm could be seen. I wouldnt worry at all.



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