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jen327 - February 8

I am 14 weeks pregnant and have a subchorionic hematoma, I have been on bed rest for 3 weeks and have at least a week to go. I was curious if anyone had this condition in their second trimester and how long until it was gone or if it caused anymore problems during your pregnancy. Thank you in advance.


momtbc - February 9

I had one with my last pregnancy and with this one. With my last pregnancy it was discovered at 11 weeks and was completely gone by 18 weeks. With this pregnancy it was discovered at a little over 6 weeks and was completely gone by 18 weeks. The problems it caused were light bleeding. I was put on light bed rest only with this pregnancy not with the last. I know the subchorionic bleed can increase your chance of miscarriage and that is why the put you on bed rest. Good luck! Keep us updated.


andy - February 11

hi .... I had a subch hematoma on week 6 and then got worse on week 7 , Even went to the clinic for 7 days and then was strict bed rest untill week 14 , when it finally absorbed, and then took it really slow for like 5 weeks more ... I´m 33 weeks today and THANK GOD everything is fine , I´m even doing prenatal gym ... I know it makes you worry every second and that some days just praying will get you thru ... I just thank God that my little baby hanged on tight and that now is ok ... Just 50 more days to go for me ... Hope everything goes fine , I´m normally at the third tri board , but please I will be more than happy to answer any question you have ... : )


avasmom - February 11

Question for you ladies....I had a hemmhorage at week 14. They said I had a hematoma. I am now in week 19. I was put on "pelvic rest" (i.e. no lifting , no s_x, etc.) Mine is just about gone. When it is gone, did your doctors take you off pelvic rest? Or were you on pelvic rest for the entire pregnancy? Thanks!


jen327 - February 11

I go back to the Peri on the 19th so I won't know anymore until then. I am still on full bed rest. I can't do anything, but lay in bed. I did go to the baby store yesterday and my mom pushed me in a wheelchair. It has been 3 weeks, I am going on week 4. But hopefully I will have good news on the 19th. I am hoping for it is going away! But will settle for it is not bigger! It really is scary, because it does not hurt. If it hurt you would gingerly do everything, but it is hard to remember, that I can't lift or do stairs much etc, when I feel fine. But DH has been a doll. He has done everything for me, it has brought us so much closer. He is even over protective of me and his second little baby. Our first is 11 and also been a great help. We thought we cuold not get pregnant, so this baby is a blessing and a gift. I don't know much about SCH's so I am glad this is here to ask questions. I was surprised how many women have this condition.



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