Sudden Craving For Jalapeno Peppers

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Lady_tee - September 27

I have this sudden craving for jalapeno peppers but I know that it isn't good for me I can't get enough. Is it really good for my baby?


chrissi79 - September 27

What's wrong with them? Specifically they aren't good for you? I love hot and spicy food, and I eat it all the time...


Gena - September 27

I eat jalepeon's on everything normally. I've def. slowed way down on this only b/c it upsets my belly so much. I had steak and shake chili with the hot pepper sauce in it before my ultrasound and she had the hiccups the whole time from it. There's nothign that says you can't have hot peppers during pregnancy if you can handle it! Good luck


hollyg - September 27

I've heard that, if you can handle the heartburn, hot peppers are actually really good for you. They have a ton of nutrients in them that are great for the baby. And, apparently, hiccups are no problem for our little bean's to handle. Eat away! I love them too and, so far, haven't had any problems at all!


redhead125 - September 27

Do you mean fresh or preserved (can or jar?). As for cravings, it sounds pretty healthy to me. There are MUCH worse things out there. Just be careful not to eat too many chips & cheese with them (if you're eating nachos). Plus, peppers are a great source of vitamin C!


crystal74 - September 27

i too get weird cravings for hot stuff. mainly chinese hot mustard. i drowned the bbq pork in it and eat away


Kristin11 - September 27

More power to you, spicy makes my heartburn flare. I cant even look at tomato sauce without getting heart burn. I wish I could eat hot stuff, and i dont see the problem in eating it.


Lady_tee - September 27

I mean that all I just eat is jalapeno pepper in the jar until my crave goes away. I love to eat them now. It like I can't control myself. So I can eat as much as I want without harming my fetus.


mamagoose - September 27

As long as you're not giving yourself heartburn, I guess the only concern might be if they're hot pickled they could be high in sodium, which might elevate your blood pressure. I've heard that an unusual food craving can be a sign of a nutritional deficiency... how is the rest of your diet? Are you getting enough dairy and protein? I've gone through a few little cravings now and then, but nothing that lasted for more than a couple of days. Right now it's yogurt...


Gena - September 27

Jalepenos aren't a weird craving though. Eating dirt would be a weird craving. You're fine lady tee, eat up. The farther along I get the more heartburn I get so enjoy it while you can.


Lady_tee - September 27

I love hot pickled jalapeno peppers. My diet is great. I make sure to eat all the serving that I'm suppose to eat. I snack in between meals alot. And the good part about it is I'm really not gaining any weight.



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