Suddenly Started Peeing A Lot Again

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Joise - May 17

I am in Week 15 of my pregnancy and have not had too many problems overall with peeing in the middle of the night . However all of a sudden I cant stop peeing and it is worse than ever. I thought it was meant to ease off in the Second Trimester. Has this happened to anyone else. Josie


Mythili - May 17

I notice I am peeing a lot more int he second trimester than I did in the first trimester.


miranda - May 17

Joise, you might have a urinary tract infection. Sometimes the symptoms can be vague or even absent. I've had two already and I haven't been sure that I had an infection. Next time you go to the dr you should let them know, and they will probably do a culture on your urine to make sure. Hope it's nothing!


Celia - May 17

Oh my gosh !!! I'm peeing more than normal too! I tried to take a nap yesterday and it was like... every commercial break i was about to bust i had to pee so bad. i was about to take my pillow to the bathroom floor and camp out there! I wonder if i have a UTI???


Josie - May 17

Thanks Miranda , I will mention it to the doctor the next time I go.


Heidi - May 17

I didn't have any problems peeing in the first trimester. As soon as I hit the second though, I was up all night peeing, but not during the day! Now I'm 17 wks and I'm sort of back to my old pre-pregnancy routine. I might get up at 5 am to go and that's about it. But I always did that. I went through the constant peeing between 12 and 15 wks I'd say. Then it quit. I sleep on my stomach still to so that probably didn't help any. I know what you mean. Some nights I thought about sleeping on the bathroom floor. Ha ha!


Amara - May 17

If it's not burning I don't think it's a uti... but when I am peeing alot I just know that my baby is laying around on my bladder... I just wish I could connect a foley, and then I don't have to worry about it anymore....


J - May 17

I notice the same thing too exept when I get to the bathroom, I notice I didn't have to go that bad after all. I just started feeling the baby move last week ( im 15 weeks) and now I feel the baby ocasionaly pushing and tapping on my bladder. Try to notice if you feel pressure one minute and not the next it might be the baby kicking!


~S~ - May 17

I'm 6 months and I'm peeing like crazy, it seems more often than I did during my first trimester. It's quite frustrating, especially when I need to get up a few times at night just to pee and again in the morning.


Josie - May 18

Thank you so much for all your replies , I feel much better now as it appears quite common , so one less thing to worry about....


Jill - May 18

You know, I heard the same thing about it easing up in the second trim.--it doesn't. Today at work, I was in the bathroom literally every 40 minutes. I felt like I was never going to get anything done! lol.. I am 24 weeks now, and since I'm carrying pretty low I have a feeling it's just going to get worse! Maybe I'll just start wearing diapers lol J/k



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