Suddnely Not So Hungry

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Jill - November 1

I will be 15 weeks tomorrow and for the past few days I have not been nearly as hungry as I used to be. Shouldn't I be feeling more and more hungry as the baby needs more? BTW- I had no MS so it's not like I was "loosing" the food I ate before.


karen - November 1

I am in EXACTLY the same boat as you. I will be 15 weeks tomorrow also. It seems like I don't get as hungry as I did before I was pregnant, though if I go too long without eating, I do still get really hungry. The biggest difference is that I just can't eat very much in one sitting. I don't think you necessarily get progressively more hungry with the pregnancy though.


K - November 1

Hi ladies, I'm 21 weeks and I haven't been as hungry either. Now I just get heartburn. I didn't have any MS either.


Jill - November 2

It's odd too because I gained alot of weight in the beginning, but for the past two weeks I have gained nothing. I have gained 5.5 lbs total so no worries. Just odd.


K - November 2

Jill I wouldn't worry too much. Everyone is different. Ask your doc if you are worried. Good luck to U!


Jennifer - November 3

I was just thinking about that this morning! I'm 13 weeks, and I barely feel like eating anymore.


Shannon - November 7

Its good to hear that I am not alone! I was worried that I am malnutritioning my baby, by not eating proper meals. I eat an apple or and orange or maybe both if I feel like it, then for lunch its a mini pizza or more fruit and some bread, and then for dinner its really small portions, like a quesadilla or some chicken fingers and fries. I just dont have the urge to eat anything. If I didn't feel so weak I wouldn't eat even that much. The day I had 2 tea bisquits 3 tangerines and a pizza pocket all day. Iffel guilty like I am hurting her/him, but I just can't do it :( My appit_te is starting to come back a bit now, but its still not where it should be. I am taking prenatal vitamins though.


W. - November 8

Just submitted a question about insides being squished. I have a bigger appet_te than in 1st trimester (week 17 now), but can't eat much when I do. I think our stomachs are shrinking to make room for literally upwardly mobile babies. ???


Jill - November 8

Hmmm.. maybe.. Yesterday all I ate was 3 mini snickers and some pasta untill I finally ate a well balanced dinner at 8pm. One thing I had been doing (and need to keep doing) to eat right: I made a chart of the foodgroups and days of the week and made sure I had at least one thing from each foodgroup everyday. I also try to make my junkfood count. (Hot Choc. made with milk. Pudding cup instead of cookies. )


Shannon - November 8

Thats a good idea Jill. Make a chart of at least one thing from each food group that you must eat each day. I am taking your advise! Thanks!


~Terra - November 8

Hi Jill and any other mothers to be. I am just about 20wks now.. And I have fases where I'm super hungry and eat a bunch.. and I find later in the evenings, or sometimes around supper time.. I just dont' have an appet_te.. I find as long as i don't eat huge meals through out the day, and keep the meals small, that works better for me... You probably will start to feel more hungry... I think every woman just goes through different fases in their pregnancys.. good luck



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