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krystal - October 6

is it safe to use sun beds whilst pregnant??


J - October 6

after the first trimester, but you have to be careful not to let yourself get overheated.


krystal - October 6



Brooke - October 6

Are you serious? You can go tanning. I am so pale and I've been looking foward to going after I have the baby. I thought is wasn't safe to do it. Has anyone asked their doctor?


J - October 6

My doctor said it was fine. The rays from the tanning bed are unable to penetrate to the baby past the second layer of skin or else even if you were not pregnant than it would cook your organs right?


March_Mommy06 - October 7

I a__sumed that you couldn't tan! This is great, my membership has been going to waste! I am still going to ask my doctor and I will post what he says! I miss the tanning bed, its so relaxing!


##### - October 7

of coarse you shouldnt tan what is everyone thinking so many time people ask this I guess buety is more important then heath no you cant unless you really want to miss carry or harm the baby i know this from a doc and people who work in a tan salone the good salones wont let you and they have you sign forms first time in one so if you go to a low clas one or to one they only care to get your money hey by all means go ahead look good on the outside but harm what you have on the inside


##### - October 7

where i go they extende my membership for one more year cause they cared about me they didnt want me tanning so i am whaite again who cares not my hubby and thats all that matters and the heath of my baby


J - October 7

To # # # # - Thats great that you care about your baby, but you are absolutely wrong, tanning your skin in no way harms the baby. First of all think about it, the rays from the tanning bed CANNOT penetrate through, ecspecially not deep enough to harm the fetus. The baby is well protected inside the uterus and the rays can in NO WAY harm the developing fetus. The only thing that could even possibly harm the baby would be from getting way overheated in the first trimester, but that wouldn't even be from the rays of the tanning bed, that would be from the mother getting too hot, and the same could happen in a hot tub! Otherwise, wouldn't people have to worry about their hearts and organs being cooked by the rays of the tanning bed? lol...


krystal - October 8

To #### no body said they were happy to harm there baby, i asked because i was concerned! It was only a question, 6 months pregnant beauty is at the bottom of my list at the moment! just curious! But i think different people say different things, does anyone actually know???


##### - October 8

well if you want to really know ask your doctor I say no more its all up to you


Angela - October 8

shouldn't hurt your baby, but of course it's terrible for you :) - more damaging to the skin than sun.


Ashley - October 8

My midwife said I could tan - not that I go to the beds but I like to work outside, garden, ect. I think conception took place on the weekend me and dh got so sunbaked we almost couldn't move, - we went parasailing! We also went to HI at 15 weeks and I didn't have to stay out of the sun. I just wouldn't overdo, is all.



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