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Shannah - March 27

i am going on vacation in a couple of days and i heard you can't use tanning lotion/sunblock, does anyone have any advise? I know the self tanner have DHA in them and that is bad but what is bad in sunblock? i don't want to burn on vacation.


drea - March 27

i never heard of that before. why wouldn't you be aboe to use sunblock?? i just googled it and nothing came up?


livdea - March 27

I thought I heard about wearing sunblock some where too. So I asked my dr about it. he told me to get as low as a block as possible I'm using 8 at the moment and wearing a hat and what not. but I don't have any real info on it!


SuzieQ - March 27

I came across something a few weeks ago - it had to do with the chemicals in sunblock I think. Anyways, the article recommended going to your drugstore or natural shop and asking for sunscreen that doesn't have as much chemicals in it.


Deb - March 27

I never heard of that. I just got back from Florida and wore 45 everyday. I didn't want to get the "pregnancy mask". If you are unsure, ask your doctor. I guess it is a little too late for me!


Emily - March 28

the only thing I have heard is that sunblock may irritate your more sensitive skin, but to be safe, check with your doc or midwife...


JenniferB - March 28

I thought it was sunblock/bug repellent combo that you couldn't use because of the deet. I would ask the doctor. I used it during my first pregnancy and didn't have any problem. Maybe I was lucky?


Cabbie - March 28

I am 29 weeks and just asked my dr about sunblock and bug spray. She said sunblock was an absolute must. She also said in the area I live (rural) bug spray was too. She recommended using the pediatric formulas of both. She said going with what my pediatrician recommended for my two girls was the safest best. My pediatrician recommends Water Baby SPF 45 and Family OFF with at DEET level under 10%-I think Family OFF is actually about 8%.


Cabbie - March 28

If you read the CDC website, they too say there is more risk in not wearing sunscreen and bugspray than there is in wearing it. Recently on our local news, the ran a national story were research is showing West Nile virus may actually cross the placenta and cause problems (the sited brain development). My dr agreed with the CDC site.



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