Sunny D Orange Juice

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luckymenm23 - March 11

So i really like Sunny D orange juice but i hear its not the greatest orange juice i could be drinking. Can i drink Sunny D?? Or should i not and chose another brand??? Please tell me what you think..


MrsShelton217 - March 11

Its actually not even real fruit juice. I think it contains about 15% fruit juice. (I may be wrong) but the rest is water, and high fructose corn syurp.


luckymenm23 - March 11

what is the best Orange Juice????


softbreeze200 - March 11

I drink the tropicana OJ. Anything that is not from concentrate is good for you. It tends to have less sugars and fillers in them. Just look for the 100% real juice on the label and not from concentrate! Tropicana is very good and is great in smoothies!!


gabby509 - March 11

Yeah I like Tropicana too, but I just tried Simply Orange and it is really good. It's a bit pricey and they don't have it in all stores though. So I'd say Simply Orange but if you can't find that then Tropicana. I think Sunny D is more of a juice drink than an actual juice.


disko love - March 11

I personally think that Simply Orange is absolutely the best tasting!! I love the stuff ever since I got pregnant ... I swear I can drink about one of those bottles a day!!!


fefer1 - March 11

Simply orange is awesome! I can't get enough of it. :) I used to drink Tropicana but not anymore. I think Walmart has a big jug of it that's not too expensive - and it goes on sale a lot I've noticed, since it's a newer brand.


kay101 - March 11

Simply orange is awesome! Sunny D is fine, you'll still get your vitamin C and folic acid, it's just loaded with a little extra sugar than most. The funny thing is if you look at most juice cartons they'll say 100% juice, then in small writing somewhere else on the bottle it will say 10% juice....meaning only 10% of it is 100% juice. I'm bad at explaining things so I hope that made sense!


sarah21 - March 11

You can get any frozen juice concentrate if cost is an issue. They have no sugar added juices. Really, though, the best thing would be to cut up an orange and eat it because you get a lot more fiber.


cors1wfe - March 11

The problem with most orange juices is that they are LOADED with sugar and empty calories - although I did have my oj kick for a week or two I sadly had to say goodbye to my daily juice - I drink water and sometimes crystal light(which they have an orange juice type one like tang kinda) but it's sugar free which i know is another debate but I had no issues in my last pregnancies drinking sugar free or diet beverages. You are so much better off eating an orange or 2 then having a gla__s of juice!


kay101 - March 11

I just tried this wyler's light rasberry lemonade that you mix with a bottle of water and it's awesome so you aren't alone. Sugar free stuff is ok in moderation and sometimes just plain water gets too boring


CoLark - March 11

I have started taking OJ with my iron tablets, because it helps absorption. I never liked OJ, and the only kind I would drink was fresh squeezed. However if you get fresh from your supermarket, they don't pasteurize it, which can be risky for a pregnant woman. So, I have started squeezing my own every morning. It is very delicious and much cheaper than buying a fresh-squeezed juice from the market. Not cheaper than Tropicana or frozen though. Simply Orange is about the only non-fresh that I can tolerate. Sunny D is more akin to Kool Aid than OJ.


fefer1 - March 11

Simply Orange also has grapefruit and lemonade too. Yum!! Who would have thought OJ would be such a popular topic. :) And I too drink it to help with the iron - and I crave it like crazy. My fridge is full of oranges too. mmmm!


tish212 - March 18

I don't drink sunny d normally...but while preg I couldn't get enough of it! and I did just fine... so I'd say if u want it enjoy there are MUCH worse things u could be "indulging" in ;)



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