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Kira_lynn - June 15

On sunday i went to the oncall doc cause i had some pain in my stomach when i urinated. He said the urine dip test showed something and prescribed me something for it. On monday i saw my specialist and he said to wait till the culture got back to my family doctor to make sure it was really a bladder infection. Now its Thursday and i have really bad back pain. Low down and im worried that i might have a kidney infection. I called my doc and they are trying to track down the "culture" cause they still dont have the results back. I started taking the antibiotics, hopefully to get a head start on this. Anyone ever had a kidney or bladder infection? Is it harmful to my baby? Im 13weeks right now.


Tiffany814 - June 15

Kira, I'm sorry I can't say that I have but I know it is very common in pregnancies. I don't think it's harmful to your baby, but hopefully you'll find someone who had one to make you feel better about it. In the meantime drink lots of water to flush everything out. Thats why pregnant women should always drink lots of water because for some reason I believe we;re prone to kidney/bladder infections. Good luck and try to stay calm!


Kira_lynn - June 15

I read that kidney infections are very serious during pregnancy and can lead to preterm labour. Holy I've been through enough already! Doc's office has less than 30min before they close, and if they dont call back i'll be peed. Im going to the hospital either way. Im not risking it!


lexy - June 15

hey kira, with my 1st preg i had a bladder inf, that led to a kidney inf. i also had a high fever with vomiting. do you have any of that? my doc put me in hosp for couple days to let fever do away. it is a pain, and the back pain might be kidney inf. my baby was perfectly fine and it did not cause preterm labor. drink some cranberry juice once a day, it help keep things going. good luck


srigles - June 15

Hi Kira. I had a bladder infection and the beginnings of a kidney infection about a week and a half ago. I was put on a double dose of Amoxil, but it took almost a full week to start feeling better. I actually felt worse for the first couple of days. I had horrible back pain, a slight fever, nausea, and stomach pain. If you're still not feeling any better, though, get it looked into again. No point putting yourself through that kind of discomfort. Better safe than sorry! Just keep drinking lots of water in the meantime. It's a c___ppy thing to have - hope you're feeling better soon!


olivia - June 15

A bladder infection can cause a lot of back pain too so it doesn't mean it has definately gone to your kidneys. A kidney infection usually does involve a high fever and vomiting as well as pain. I have had both and neither are fun! Can you call your ob about it? For my kindey infection they officially "lost" my culture and I ended up in the hospital for 4 days. Anyway, I do hope you feel better, I am sure your baby will be fine. The antibotics will take a little while to kick in but dring LOTS of water. If you get a high fever go to a walk in medical center and get help (you want to keep any fevers down during pregnancy).



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