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angie - December 15

lately i've been craving sushi like crazy but i don't know if it is ok to eat now being pregnant. I think raw fish might be bad for the baby but i can't help but wish i was indulging myself in a whole tray full of spicy tuna, spicy salmon and california rolls. I really need advice on whether it is ok for me to fufill my vravings or just wait till after the pregnancy. What do you guys think?


Tiffany - December 15

I was told that Sushi is a big NO NO during pregnancy. California rolls are ok because they have steamed crab but the raw ones are not good. At least you can have Ca;ifornia rolls! I want some now.


maya - December 15

I've been told sushi is FINE. Being half japanese I went to see my grandparents last week. and they feed pregnant women with sushi.. like with all raw foods you just have to careful that it is good. It isnt like the hams that you cant eat because of toxmoplasmosis. Sushi is great . dont worry. and enjoy!


Brittany - December 15

I ate it while I was pregnant with my first baby. Not every week or sometimes not every month. Maybe once or twice every two months. Raw fish carry diseases and certain fish have loads of mercury which isn't good to the developing baby. It also does matter where you live. If you live close to an ocean, the fish isn't shipped throughout your country so it's more fresh. Now if you live in the middle of no where, I'd be more cautious. There are certain things you can eat though, cooked eel and some rolls. I would just take in bits at a time and give into your bodies cravings, just not every week. You wouldn't want to hurt your baby. Good luck, I know how you feel, I've been craving sushi for awhile TOO...with a baby on the way, I'd rather be buying diapers than sushi though haha. GRRR now I want some!!


mel - December 15

I've been craving it too. I'm a sushi-holic. I've been told it's not safe to eat while pregnant, but can't help but think that's just becuase of the ignorance of the doctors here in the US to that particular cuisine. I still follow what they say just to be on the safe side, but just to get rid of the cravings I'll still go out with my husband and have some of the vegatable rolls and california rolls. Also, the eel (unagi) is steamed so, you're not eating raw fish there. not much longer and I'll be tearing some sushi UP! mmmmm


N - December 15

I eat sushi all the time...but not with raw fish in it now that I'm pg. I would think that if it is sashimi quality it would probably be ok, but why chance it? I can make do with just vegetable sushi for afew more months, just to be safe!


Heather - December 15

uncooked fish is not recommended during pregnancy because food posioning during pregnancy can cause preterm labor, miscarriage and distress on the baby due to dehydration. Uncooked fish has a higher incidence of causing food poinsoning and should be avoided, Suishi that doesnt include uncooked fish is fine. just like anything else there are varied opinions, it is not the actual fish that is bad for the baby, it is the risk of food poisoning.


MooBaby - December 15

Hi Angie, I crave sushi too, but I order crunchy tempura rolls (cooked shrimp) and california or vegie rolls. Also remember to ask for no fish eggs, sometimes they will still have fish eggs so just say no! :)


Tess - December 15

You can eat the shrimp roll, california roll or the unagi roll.....all of them are cooked or either veggie. "no raw seafoods"


Lynette - December 15

I think you still have to be careful because if you are buying from a sushi "fast food" restaurant, even the rice can be a problem if it's not kept at the right temperature. Also, even if you have vege sushi, it is prepared on the same surface as the raw fish ones, and the bacteria left on the boards and on the chefs' gloves gets into the sushi. There was an story on tv the other day talking about the safety of fast food outlets - sushi was by far the worst. I know this much detail because I am IN LOVE with sushi and so have done a lot of research to convince myself I can't have it while I'm pregnant. I do have a friend who makes me vege ones and puts them in the fridge as soon as they are made (the rice has to be chilled down straight away) - so if you are a sushi-aholic, I would suggest you learn to cook it yourself (or get a friend to ;-) ).


Lyd - December 15

I don;t think most sushi places are "fast food" usually they are regular restraunts.


m - December 15

.. just had to say that the rolls arent sushi.. those are maki.


Monique - December 15

NO, NO, NO!!!


nd - December 15

I love all things japanese food. I still eat all rice and cooked fish, negri, california rolls etc....I am failry rebellious about the 'pregnancy police' stuff - I am just surprised you can keep raw fish down. The smell alone would floor me.


Lynette - December 17

I know it's not "fast food" per se - but in Australia we have sushi restaurants where you go in and the sushi goes around on a conveyor belt and you sit there and pick it off. I guess that's why they had included these places in the "fast food" bacteria comparisons.


to Angie - December 17

I had sushi last night at a restaurant. It was cooked fish, but my boyfriend got raw fish in his. I noticed that the guy preparing the sushi did not take to use separate knives or wash his hands before he touched one or the other again. But I'm not too worried about it. Nothing's happened to me yet, & I don't think it will.


Lora - December 17

My doctor told me not to eat sushi and not even some of the rolls that don't contain fish. She said you never know what surface they rolled them on and if they roll them on the same as the sushi they might have containmanents. Basically, sushi contains a lot of mercury which can cause birth defects; especially tuna.



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