Sweet Food Cravings Girl

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annie24 - May 13

Hi i really dont want to find out for sure so its a bit of a surprise but i've heard that craving sweet food is sign that you're having a girl. i have a boy already and was eating so healthy with him, didnt touch a bit of choc even though i'm a chocoholic, but this time i cant get enough of it and craving every food that is banned throughout pregnancy...no girls on my partners side for over at least 5 generations


ThePezChick - May 13

I don't know if I'm craving them, but I've been eating more sweets lately and I'm having a boy. I need to watch it. Perhaps they are cravings, as I don't typically eat many sweets.


shortcake - May 13

When I was pregnant with my son I wanted spicy stuff like BBQ chips or chilli :) This time I crave sweet stuff like a crazy person!! I told my hubby to bring me a bag of Dove Dark Chocolates the other night and he forgot and I started bawling haha! I had a wild craving for Skittles too a couple weeks ago and the last time I had Skittles was like 1994 lol! I just found out last week that I'm having a girl :) So for me the sweet tooth did seem to be right for a girl since I didn't want sweets with my son :)


Jen - May 14

I always heard that if you crave salty foods then it is a boy, and sweets is a girl. But I have been craving tons of sweets throughout my pregnancy (ice cream in particular) and I am having a boy.


annie24 - May 14

interesting!!!! thats very funny shortcake about your hubby.i was sick so stayed in the car while i asked my partner to get me a box of pastries, he came out and told me that the queue was too long at the counter.needless to say i bawled my eyes out and and told him how selfish he was and halfway home i made him turn the car around and go back to get them.i cant remember being this moody with the first, maybe it was because i wasnt with him a very long time and still at the nice stage. hes paying this time....god love him!!


Betul - May 14

I guess I'll the one to throw a wrench in here..lol..All five of my boys I had ice cream and chocolate cravings..with this baby I have craved oranges, water, and everything healthy..chocolate is not even appealing...found out two days ago we are having a GIRL!!


annie24 - May 14

ok so maybe old wives tales are completely wrong...dont have even slight preference on the s_x of baby so it will be fun to see what happens....dont think i can wait to find out now hearing you all know already....maybe at next scan!!!


Susan W - May 14

I second Betul. I wanted sweets with my boy. This time, I don't care too much for them, but the u/s technician thinks it's a boy again. I have to get u/s every 2-4 weeks because of a complication with the placenta, and we'll see for sure at my next one. Let yourself have something you crave, or you will make yourself nuts, lol.


Ddvinson3 - May 15

I am craving hot spicy foods and sour candy. And I am having a boy. This is my first so I don't have a previous experience to fall back on. But I guess it just happens for some people.



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