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Linda99 - May 25

Is anyone having swelling problems? I am 16.5 weeks and have had some light swelling in my hands and ankles (I was prone to it even before I was pg) but today I looked down and my left foot looks like Big Foot's! I normally have low/normal blood pressure so I'm praying this isn't going to be preeclampsia, although my mother was toxemic with all 3 of her pregnancies so it looks like I'm predisposed to it. I know they don't usually diagnose preeclampsia until the third trimester but I guess I'm wondering if anyone is having the same problems. I have my ob app. today so we'll see what he says...


Jen - May 25

Yes, let us know what the doc says. I am 21 weeks and yesterday my right hand looked and felt like a b__w up balloon. I read that unless hands or feet swelling is accompanied by other symptoms (fever,etc) then it is not a cause for concern. But any kind of swelling is going to make me nervous :(


tryingx3 - May 25

I am just over 22 weeks and have been swelling just a bit in my ankle/feet area, not every day and usually starts when I get up in the morning and goes down at night. BP is good so Dr says to be sure I am getting enough water - helps flush out toxins. Someone told me if it goes down at night not to worry, don't know if that is true or not! By the end, doesn't everyone swell? (I know we aren't at the end yet, but curious). The feel-like temp here is 94 today...this might get "fun"!


squished - May 25

No kidding about the temp! We are moving back to FL at the end of July, but this time we are moving to south FL. Boy do I look forward to that heat :)


Linda99 - May 26

Hi girls! (Hey Squished!!) My app. went well. Doc says not to worry about the swelling, it's most likely being caused by the Chinese food I ate, OOPS! I would recommend really limiting your salt (even if you don't think you take in a lot of salt) if you're already having swelling issues. This is the fun of carrying through the summer! Otherwise there was no protein in my urine and my BP was good so he's not concerned. Keep those feet up girls!



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