Swelling Of The Feet

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Brandy - August 11

Hey guys, just wanted to see if anyone else experiencing swelling in their feet. My occurs after sitting/standing for long periods of time. Called my OB and she didn't act concerned as long as my blood pressure was ok, which it is 122/70, and I didn't have any swelling in the face or hands, which I don't. It also goes down after elevating my feet overnight. It just looks so bad and everyone just keeps saying "are you sure that is ok, its so early to have that" (I am 21 weeks). Just checking to see if anyone else is having this.


Gina 12-27-05 - August 11

YES! I have the same thing! I am taking a cla__s this week and my are like balloons!


Tanyav - August 11

I have the same problem and I'm only 22 wks. I always had cankles though now they are just worse. It has been a HOT and humid summer and i notice that it's not bad at all when the weather is not that humid but once the heat hits my ankles swell up and they hurt.


Trish - August 12

Hi girls...I too have this problem and am 22 weeks. I really have not been wearing good shoes because of the heat, a lot of sandles with little/no support. I wore sneaks yesterday and I felt wonderful!!!!! A little hint...act dramatic and try and rub lotion on your feet...hubby got the picture and I get foot ma__sages almost every night, hee hee...I adore my hubby he is wonderful!!!! Aveda foot cream although pricey is wonderful and its concentrated so it lasts a long time. Good luck and keep those feet up :-)


Gina - August 12

All I know is when I go back to work in two weeks ( I am a teacher) I am getting those stocking things. They offered them to me before but not I have to get them.


Brandy - August 12

Thanks you all! I feel much better to here that others are having the same problem. This is my 1st and everyone keeps asking if I have toxemia. I live in southern Indiana and it is way hot here and humid. To Trish, I too wore sneakers today and although I had some swelling not near as bad. I think the sandals are just a bad idea. My OB also told me to drink lots of water and try to elevate my feet as much as possible. However, I teach nursing and sometimes this just isn't possible. Good luck to you all.


Brandy - August 12

Sorry- meant to say "hear" not here.



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