Swollen Legs

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mischelly30 - May 18

Is anyone else experiencing swelling in her legs? I'm 20 weeks, and have been having mild swelling off and on for the last few days. It goes away when I elevate my feet, but UGH, it is annoying. It is in the mid to high 80 F and I haven't turned my a/c on yet and I've been miserable...Could it be the hot weather that's causing the swelling?


dee23 - May 19

i have been lucky enough to not get swelling as of yet at 31 weeks. but it is also quite cold here. ive heard that the heat would contribute in a big way considering u sweat out more water and raised body temp...also prolly other factors to it in regards to heat but make sure to cut right down on salt, drink LOADS of water, and keep your feet elevated, maybe even elevated above your head and rest when u can. its best to try and do something about it now cause i a__sume as soon as it gets bad it will stay swallen for the rest of your pregnancy. but lets face it.....we will be going through alot more discomforts than getting swallen..it could also just be one of those preggo things.....dont worry about it too much, relax and enjoy being pregnant while it lasts....some ppl only have this opportunity a few times in there life time.


mcatherine - May 19

I'm 24 weeks and my legs (calves especially) have started to swell the past couple of weeks. It is starting to get pretty warm where I am and I understand that heat is a contributing factor. We started with the a/c last night because i just couldn't sleep and it was the best night I've had in weeks! They say the more water you drink the less you swell....So cheers!!


Susan W - May 19

With baby #1, my legs swelled so much I got stretch marks on the backs of my knees :(( Some women swell more than others. Try to rest when you can, and drink lots of water. If you cut down too far on salt, it actually will make it worse!! That said, I drank a gallon of water at least a day and worked in a freezing cold office, and it was still horrible. I have a picture of my feet by the end of that pregnancy, and they were the same size as my ankles, which were the same size as my calves, which were the same as my knees. . . Awful. . . I am counting my blessings that I haven't started anything like that so far!! . .. Oh, and it will actually get worse for a few days after you deliver as the fluids recompartmentalize before disappearing. So don't be surprised or upset. I was grateful to my midwife for the heads-up.


tryingx3 - May 19

I'm with you! Almost 22 weeks and having swelling off and on...mostly from mid-calf down. Start the day with it! Drink, drink, drink. Go, go,go. Physical Therapist director highly recommended the support hose, can't imagine those with 90 degree temps and 100% humidity! :-)


mischelly30 - May 19

Ok, well at least it seems that my swelling is normal! Thanks for confirming. It's been cooler today and I've been drinking water consistently, and there's no swelling today, so hopefully that's a good sign. My mom, who is a nurse, also recommended the support hose, but I just can't walk around in the heat with them on! It's not too painful, just annoying, plus I have been trying to stay in shape but haven't wanted to work out on my swollen legs...



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