Swollen Legs AND Ankles AND Feet

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Staci - June 10

yikes! Thighs down, I keep looking in the mirror saying "whose legs are these??" SO FAR, THANK GOODNESS, my bp is okay.... so the obgyn feels its just fluid retention, also from the heat. She has me in support hose now.. ugh.. I am worried about how big my legs are going to get, and what will happen... I am almost 25 weeks along now and someone has replaced my legs with sausages. Ack. Also weird, my nipples now have dark splotches of color. I knew they changed color, but didnt think it would be in some areas only. Anyone else have this? and yes, at different times of day my belly is bigger than others...


rachel - June 14

my ankles have been hurting for a week or so and have been swelling up. i havent told my midwife because i dont like her that much i dont feel comfortable with her


camie - June 14

i am 26 1/2 weeks and my feet, ankles, and fingers have been swelling. I have a UTI so I am def. retaining water and also because of heat.


firsttimemama - June 14

i am 13 weeks and my feet are starting to swell already. when i take my shoes off, there are prints in my feet, is this normal at such an early stage??


Sarah - June 14

im 14wks, and my hands are starting to swell, too. My feet, and legs are kind of swelling, but mostly my hands.


Audrea - June 15

I am 23 weeks and my ankles and lower legs have been swelling for several weeks now. I hate the way it makes my legs feel. They feel so heavy sometimes when I walk. It puts at least an extra 5 pounds on me when this happens. When my hands swell they feel so tight and can be quite annoying. My BP has been just fine and has never gone up. I was told this is normal due to the veins having pressure being put on them due to the enlarging uterus and due to the extra 50% fluid our heart has to push around. It is just harder to get the fluid from our legs back up above the uterus that it moves into the tissues to cause them to swell. As long as the face does not swell then it should be okay as far as the BP goes. Just need to keep an eye on it.



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