Symphis Pubic Disfunction

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Karen - November 16

Hi ladies - for about three weeks now I have had some pretty intense pain and discomfort in my pubic bone area - like as though my pubic bone or pelvis is out of line. At first I thought it was just an extension of round ligament pain as I am in my 19th week. But when I realized that it was affecting my mobility - I began to think otherwise. I did some research and found Symphis Pubic Dysfunction. It sure sounds like this is what I am suffering from but when I spoke with my midwife she minimized my discomfort and chaulked it up to round ligament pain. At this point, I am very careful how I position my legs - and try to keep them together as much as possible. I dare not raise one leg without the other and I'm careful when getting in and out of bed and the same for vehicles. I find if I sit too long - the discomfort worsens but if I am too active, i.e. marching through snow with dog - the pain increases. I'm damned if I do and damned if I don't! I've heard that some women suffer from SPD without explanation. And it can impact on how you plan to deliver your baby - no stir ups!!! I'm worried that this will only worsen and from what I read - there's not a lot that can be done. I suppose I will put up with it if I must but I worry that this may impact on baby's health and the rest of the pregnancy - I'm only half way there! By the way - I don't remember engaging in any activity that may have caused a misalignment but from what I have read - sometimes increased hormone levels are the culprit because it relaxes your pelvis and can result in a separation. So I'm just wondering if any other women are experiencing this same discomfort and if any support/info can be lended. Thanks...


G - November 16

I have experienced SPD since my first pregnancy. I am now in the 18th week of pregnancy #4 and it is starting to act up again. I think that there are a lot more people that experience it, but they are always told round ligament pain or something else. From what I have read and been told, they can give you some pain medication, but there's not a lot they can do. It doesn't effect the baby. And as far as the poeple who have huge problems delivering, I think that they are a rare few. I have delivered 3 LARGE babies v____ally (from 8lb7oz-10lbs) without any complications. With my last, the joint ached for about 2-3 months after the delivery. It wasn't the sharp, intense pain you experience now, but a dull hollow ache. I also started feeling it with every menstrual cycle. It is hard because no one (Dr.s and midwives included) seems to realize how badly it hurts, but I must look insane, because I opted to experience it AGAIN....


Karen - November 16

Hi G - thanks for sharing - I think we've had a discussion on this very issue in another forum just recently and in fact it lead me to do some more digging and then post this question. I think you are right - more women experience this than once thought - but what's strange for me is that I have never heard of this before. That's probably why I thought it was typical of pregnancy. So does this lighten at all as baby moves up outside of the pelvis area? I'm probably asking for the impossible right! Haha. I will hold out hope that it does not worsen and that birth will be there anything you are doing to manage the pain?


Renee - November 16

I thought that SPD started later in pregnancy when there is more weight from the, learn something new everyday!


G - November 17

From all of the websites that I have found, it seems like it is much more recognized in Britian than the US. My first doctor just told me it was round ligament pain, but then this doctor just said that she had experienced it too. She didn't have many solutions. It sounds like yours is worse than mine though. I just have moments that I move wrong and double over with pain, but it tends to go away immediately. I think that there are some safe pain meds and it seems like some of the websites firmly believed in some sort of chiropractic care. Don't know...Stinks though....


sara - November 19

right now 24 weeks going on i'm having the same problem frm last 3 weeks. but i don understand is that my pubic bone mussel or in the bone pain. i didn't told yet to my OBG yet. i'm glad to know that i'm not the only one.


Karen to Sara - November 19

Yes I know what you mean - is the muscle or the bone - sometimes it feels like both! I am happy to report that the last two days have been better - not sure what I've done to make it better..perhaps it is my hormones - when they are surging perhaps I feel more discomfort - who know?! Talk with your doc at your next visit so he/she is at least made aware...take care of yourself....


K - November 20

I've been experiencing this on-and-off, but nothing like tonight! I must've moved too fast & pulled something to trigger the pain. Now I'm having problems walking & going up & down stairs. It's a little scary.


Baboony - August 17

I have exactly the same problem and have just been to see my midwife. I have been referred to the physio department to help ease the pain. There is nothing that can be done and it will mean we are unable to walk properly or at all at the end of the pregnancy. However, the good news is that it will mean an easy labour.


angel_dragonfly - August 17

I suffered symphisis pubis dysfunction with my last pregnancy (baby #2) for only the last 2 months. This pregnancy it started at 9 weeks and has worsened dramnatically, some days I can't walk at all (Now 20 weeks) and laying in bed becomes painful. I have been given orders from my doctor to see a physiotherapist and to see my local womens health service for a pelvic belt which pulls the pelvis back into alignment. Apparently there is no cure but ways you can avoid making it worse. My doctor says that I will still be able to labour naturally even with an epidural (or spinal block) as long as the hospital knows of the condition previously so that no further damage is done during delivery (Opening legs too wide due to not having feeling in that area etc). Doctor (and websites) have said that it is caused by the hormone that relaxes the muscles in that area and if they relax too much, they don't hold the pelvis in it's rightful position, making it seperate too much and causing pain. HTH :o)


thompsonsere - November 7

Im 29 weeks pregnant with No 3, I suffered with PSD with all my pregnancy's. This time is really painful so I have been given crutches to take the weight off, I have now been refered to consultant care as they now want to induce me early at 36 weeks !


JMux - November 7

I can totally sympathize as I am having the same pain. I had pretty bad hip pain with my first pregnancy that my doctor down-played. I'm now at the tail-end of my 2nd trimester with my 2nd pregnancy, and am having the pubic area pain. My current doctor sent me to physical therapy for it. My pubic bone is about an inch out of alighment; the therapist showed me exercises I can do to put it back into alighnment, as well as strenghten the muscles to hold it there. I've just started this so I can't vouch for the success, but my doctor said he's had 90% of his patients find relief this way. Don't let your midwife b__w you off on this - there's no point in suffering needlessly!


paisleypajamas - November 9

If your insurance covers it you should go see an osteopathic physician. They have specific techniques for dealing with your problem.



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