Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction

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sophandbob - May 30

I am experiencing a reall dull ache in my Pelvis area, that is making stuff really unconfortable. From lying down, to sitting up really aches. so does walking, and even lifting my leg to put a sock on! Does anyone else experience this or a similar pain? I've been told that it is all part of the pelvis area stretching in preparation for labour, but that in extreme cases in is known as SPD and physio is often required. Has anyone else been through this or is experiencing this type of discomfort?


San_dee - May 30

i dont know if its the same thing but i am looking for an answer aswell. Im 14wks and ive been having really sore back (lower back and b___tocks) pain for 5 weeks, the dr just told me it was a uti and prescribed me some meds. After another test was done it showed uti had gone but i was still getting the awful pack pains, i can barely walk, bend over, and now it has elevated to the same back pain and a really saw abdomen, not cramping just aching all the time and my knees throb too, especially if im sleeping with my knees bent!! Im so uncomfortable all the time.....


San_dee - May 30



sophandbob - May 31

I am not having problems with my legs (other than cramps!) ans SPD is normally related purley to the pelvis area. It feels like i've done the splits. Maybe you need to return to the dr.


San_dee - June 1

i did, he didnt seem bothered by it at all. I went to the hospital when it first started, they blew me off and said it was a uti, prescribe some meds and said cya later, finished the meds and the dr done tests again and its gone away, yet the pain is still very much there, im so uncomfortable all the time, i realise it might not be what you have but i was hoping to get answers also from other people that may have or know someone that might have experienced similar discomfort and could offer suggestions, thanx anyways


sophandbob - June 1

I would just keep going back and going back and going back. Sooner or later he is gonna get fed up and take you seriously. Unforunately some people dismiss pain and discomfort in pregnant women - thinking, what do you expect? You're pregnant. Pain or discomfort no matter what is unacceptable. Be very forceful with him and demand answers.


Karen_Fletcher - June 1

hi there, i have dodgy ligaments anyway, and have started with pains by my pubic bone, so i have booked in with my physio just to be sure, keep going back to the docs, tell them you have pain, they shouldnt be allowed to not act bothered, it would do my head in!!! :o)


fefer1 - June 1

I had the pelvic pain for 6-8 weeks and it suddenly went away. It was a dull ache/sore area. I also have tailbone pain (that general area) if I'm on my feet too much and then when I sit down I have a hard time getting back up again or lose strength in my left leg. I tried a chiropractor which seemed to help a little, but I found that just taking it easy and not doing to much exercise/straining helped the most. I also sleep with a hot water bottle on my low back/pelvic area to soothe the pain.



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