Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction Anyone

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Hana - April 20

hiya ladies, ouchh i have the worst pains ever in my right hip thats making my life a misery. I cant stand or walk for more than 5 mins, sleep is so painful, and the worse part was that my midwife just told me that it was normal during pregnancy and it will probably get worse and just take painkillers - oh and physiotherapy probably wont work (Jez thanks for nothing!). Anyway ive been doing my own research on things to do and not to do but has anyone experienced this SPD and most importantly, have you been able to delivery va___ally with no consequences to your hip joints?


3babies - April 20

Hi Hana, I'm actually a physio, and have problems with pubic symph/SIJ dysfunction. Sorry to say, but your midwife is wrong. In some severe cases physio cant do much, but I havent had a patient that I couldnt give some relief to. A special belt can help support the joint to limit movement and pain there. Ma__sage and release/mobilisation techniques can relieve pain. You need to make sure you limit activities like vaccuuming/mopping etc. Keep your knees pressed together when getting in/out car/ rolling in bed etc. Avoid going up and down flights of stairs (odd occasions okay, but if you have stairs in your house, plan the day to limit trips). Limit walking etc for exercise and change to pool exercises. I know this sounds extreme, but it is the excess movement that contributes to the pain. Pelvic floor and lower tummy exercises can also support your belly. If you can get hold of a physio that actually specialises in womens health/preg/postnatal issues you should get at least some relief. I will admit I wasnt painfree, but at least 50% better than I was. I have c/s for other reasons, but have looked after plenty of women who have delivered v____ally without a problem. Almost all cases resolve very quickly after delivery, only women with a large separation of the joint or debilitating pain usually are given other options for delivery (epidural early on, or c/s). Good luck!


Hana - April 21

Hi 3babies, Your post was very rea__suring, thanks so much! Last night i was up till 4am coz my other hip began to hurt, so its good to know there is some relief. Im gonna get my Dr to refer me to a phyiso. In the mean time can you suggest the best position to sleep? When i sleep on either side one of the hips hurt, sleeping on my back is a nightmare and actually feel paralysed and cant move and to be honest the only comfy position to sleep is on my tummy with my knee to the side and a pillow under me but unsure if this is ok for the SPD. Thank you so much!


3babies - April 23

Aaahh, that dilemma. I have to admit I never found a great cure with the sleeping position if you are unlucky enough to have the painful/numb hip/thigh problem as well. I am very similar to you, in partially sleeping on my tummy (cant as of last week anymore!), but I have to tell you that sleeping like that and having the one leg sort of bent up and out can put more pressure around the SPD. The best is to aim to be as symmetrical as possible. So sidelying with pillows between the knees, but aligned so the top leg isnt tilted forward, and you may need a thin one under your tummy to stop you rolling forward. Sometimes the hip you are laying on still aches because of the lack of circulation and weight pa__sing through it. An eggshell type foam piece of mattress can sometimes help distribute the weight a little better. When you do get it though, if your husband can give you a deep rub more along the b___tock and side thigh muscles, it will help relieve it quicker. Good luck!



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