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ValChil - January 18

I'm 23 weeks and my tailbone is so sore when I'm sitting at my desk, it feels better when I get up and move around but it just kills me when I'm sitting...anyone else?


Melissa30 - January 18

I'm 25 weeks, I feel your pain except for me it's when I sit at my desk for a little while then stand up. That is when it hrts the worst.


ValChil - January 18

That's exactly what happens to me! It's the process of standing up that makes it excruciating. I plan on talking to my Dr. about it at my next appt, I'm glad I'm not the only one going through this.


ophelia73 - January 18

ditto!! My chiropractor really worked on that area last night, and it seems to be a little better today...


ValChil - January 18

Really ophelia? Did he just ma__sage it?


kashni - January 18

Been having tailbone pain since the first trimester...now, it generally acts up if I sit in one place for over an hour or so....stretching and walking everyday seems to help me..


misschrissie - January 18

Hi Val. I have been going to my chiropractor since about the 3rd month because of low back pain, hip pain etc. It's really helped me a lot.


ValChil - January 18

Today I actually lowered my office chair so that my legs are parallel to my hips so hopefully that will help, it seems to be working. Otherwise, I'll look into seeing a Chiropractor.


ValChil - January 18

Any idea on what causes this? I've read about back pain but nothing on tailbone soreness.


momtbc - January 18

I have this pain, but I fractured my tailbone a little over 10 years ago. This is my 4th pregnancy and through every one my doctor said it is to be expected. Have any of you fractured your tailbone?


c_baer19 - January 18

I work at the computer at home all day, and I have a similar pain.. it's to the left of my tailbone though, and it hurts sometimes when I'm sitting and is very painful if I lie flat on my back, especially if I have my knees up. =( Talked to my doctor about it and she seemed clueless, though she's no chiropractor lol.


britt_m - January 18

I'm having the same problem, I'm 19 weeks. It started about two weeks ago on my left side now it's on both sides of my tailbone. It's almost excrutiating in the process of standing or leaning over a bit. I just had my ultrasound (It's a girl!) and layed there on my back for a while and it hurt so bad to walk, it took like 10 min to "walk it out." The doc told me to take tylenol, I don't see her til next week tho. I thought maybe it was a pinched nerve, but I looked it up and found "Sacroiliac pain" and it seems in the right place and also says "it can result in severe pain when walking, standing, bending." But more refers to the end of pregnancy. I don't know I guess we'll see. GL everyone.


jessicaspatherapist - January 18

hi girls, there are some little tiny nerves that are attached to the tailbone that do effect the uterus and the lower abdominal region. i actually had surgery on my tailbone 3.5 years ago to remove a cyst cavity that lots of women have (pilonidal cyst) and it was the most excruciating pain ever....took months to recover. its such a sensitive area. but i agree with those of you who said when you get up the pain is worse.....burn, baby burn! yikes....sitting on a pillow was the best thing i could do after my surgery....maybe bring a pillow to work with u.


momtbc - January 19

Try the Boppy nursing pillow to sit on. It is bulky, but so comfortable to use. I had it for my first daughter for nursing, but when I came home from the hospital I had severe tearing and st_tches and it was the best thing to sit on. Very easy on the whole "area."



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