Tailbone Pain

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Jennifer123 - June 27

I'm 14.5 weeks along and I'm having a lot of pain in my tailbone. It hurts to get up after I have been sitting for a long time. It hurts to walk long distances which I try to do at night as my exercise. It just plain hurts. Some days nothing but most days there is some pain. Anyone else have this? What are you doing for the pain? People have said it's due to everything moving around and adjusting down there.


AshleyB - June 27

I had that with my first pregnancy and have heard other pregnant women complain of the same thing. I heard its just from the baby putting pressure on certain nerves or something like that. It sucks and its really painful, I know but is nothing to worry about. See if your doc has any suggestions. Good luck


tryingx3 - June 27

I haven't tried anything for the pain, but have heard the suggesion of ice pack.


LILMAMA - June 27

im 14 weeks also and i feel the same thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i thought i slept wrong. i go to the doctor tommorow. i'll ask him and keep you posted.


Angiconda - June 27

Hey I am 31 week just thought I would pop back over to the 2nd tri board to see what going on and your post caught my eye I have had the same exacat thing for awhile and I sit all day at work which to SOOOOO hard. I just wanted to let you know you are not alone. You could try a maternity belt or a pelvic corset I have tries it but it didnt work for me I was actually sent to physical therapy and there really wasnt anything they could do. Good Luck I notice mine is alot worse when I am at work and I also have MAJOR saitica.


Perl - June 27

I'm not feeling too much pain although from time to time I get this incredible soreness in my lower back/hips area. BTW I'm in my 20th week. I asked my chiropractor today if I could do anything to prevent sciatica or back pain from happening in the near future and he said I was already doing it. Every 2 weeks, he adjusts my back and I get a nice prenatal ma__sage in his office by a good strong ma__sage therapist who works out all the knots on my tailbone and hips area. I do feel stiff when I sit for more than 2 hours and taking a walk really losens up my muscles--nothing brisk and not long distance though just a moderate walk on the treadmill for 1.25 to 1.5 miles in 20-25 minutes. While you are at work, can you do some stretches in your seat or get up and stretch a bit every couple of hours--maybe that would help you out. You may want to look into some prenatal yoga videos/dvds for some good and safe back stretches.


Neets - June 28

Hi. yes, I'm having that too. I'm 23.5wks. Perl I'll look into your suggestions.


Jennifer123 - June 28

Thanks for the ideas. I will certainly try anything to see what works. DH has been giving ma__sages but w/ this it's in the bone so that doesn't do too much good. It's just sad b/c I look like an old woman when I get up b/c i'm so slow at getting around!


SuzieQ - June 28

I have been getting tailbone pain too. My doc says it's from the weight gain and my "bum not being heavily padded..." lol - it takes me several seconds to stand up from a hard chair sometimes and I feel old too :) Doc's advice to me was to not sit on hard surfaces and to use pillows when necessary.


venus_in_scorpio - June 28

like many others on this board ive had that all along too and ive been like WTF why does my a__s hurt going back towhen i was like 8 weeks pg. and then eventually i aggrivated it by walking up a hill n heels and it got so bad in my b___t and thigh I couldnt get up. try to take it easy and sit on pillows and not wear heels.


Bluespace86 - June 29

I get tailbone pain from time to time too...I was late to work one day and I call myself trying to speed walk in order not to be late and then that pain game and I had this ridiculous kind of walk and people stared.....0_0 and my tailbone cracks sometimes when I go to the bathroom, sorry if that's TMI!


nelsongababy - June 29

I had this same pain around the same time - it lasted for a few weeks. I asked my midwife about it and she said that it was your pelvic bone starting to spread - and there is not much to do about it - maybe it won't last to long.



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