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kristine-- - February 3

So, I'm going in for the Gender/Anatomy Ultrasound in two days when I'll be 17wks4dys pregnant. My conception date was calculated via ultrasound 3 times as being October 19th. That was a Sunday. Me & the boyfriend, for the most part have s_x every Saturday making it possible that I'm having a boy. But I vividly remember having my ovulation symptoms during the week after that, no later than the 21st. I either ovulated (felt the symptoms) late Monday - the 20th - or late Tuesday - the 21st. Based on this, what would you say I'm having? This is just for fun. To see what you think! I'm VERY excited about having either as a child. TRUST ME! =) I have a feeling it's a boy. Daddy is so convinced it's a girl. The only reason I say boy is bc of my conception date, but I started to question that last night when all of this dawned on me. THANKS! PS - They say female sperm last 3 days & male sperm last a day or so bc they die off quicker.


tish212 - February 5

your sperm info is correct, i have heard the same, read the same, and read over studies showing the same HOWEVER female sperm are MUCH stronger not just in life length but in how quickly they can penetrate the egg... so i am going to guess GIRL... (i too felt certian i was having a boy... and i had an early u/s done and the tech said the gender was developing into a girl... (something to do with 3 lines which way they are shows the gender vertical or horizontal) i still feel certian it is a boy, even though she said she was 98% certian it was a girl... i will have my gender scan in a few weeks so we shall see if she was correct... but like i said GIRL.... good luck (hope your LO shows lol my first daugher REFUSED during EVERY u/s to undo her legs for them to see, no matter how much we tried to move her, she kept her legs crossed and her hands down there too LOL... so we NEVER knew until she was born (which was fun) however with this next one, she showed right off, and KEPT showing lol...my little voyeristic girl LOL... (joking) once again GOOD LUCK (and sorry to ramble on i always do that)


kristine-- - February 5

aww! two princesses! that's adorable! & you're correct! we just found out it's a girl! she had her legs crossed too & then had both heels of her feet in her little girlie parts (that was at the end). when we first took a look, she did fine. nothing between the legs!


tish212 - February 6

congrats! Girls are so much fun! My daugher is great, she likes her girlie toys but also likes the boy toys we bought her (to give her access to all toys) so she has tools and such and loves playing with those as much as her other toys... nd the clothes are super fun lol... congrats again!


^lucy^ - February 7

hey kristine, i believe that we were on the same ttc board back in october :) me and dh also were hoping for a boy this time and we tried the shettles method which says the exact info about sperm thing, we had s_x once on october 1st; 12 hrs after i got a +ve opk.. im 20 weeks now and we got a confirmed boy on u/s at 15 weeks and at 19 weeks :) yay!!! it was fun to try and see the results.. we have a dd and would've loved another sister for her but we also wanted to have one of each :) im not sure i could go through this again so im thankful :) sooooo after all i have said, i would say ur chance of having a girl is higher, as u need to have s_x pretty close to ur ovulation day in order for the male sperm to reach faster than the female sperm, and since there was a couple of days, so i would guess its a girl :) GL and let us know! :)


^lucy^ - February 7

OMG i just read ur posts!!!! we guessed it right!! lol :) im so happy for u, girls are so much fun.. good luck in the reast of ur pregnancy dear and hope u will have a beautiful healthy baby girl :)


kristine-- - February 7

thanks, ladies, for your answers! loved that all of you were right! lucy! yes, we both were on the ttc board back then. that was the month i got pregnant! congrats on the little boy!



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