Taking A Vacation

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krissy1980 - January 12

Ok, I am currently almost 23 wks pregnant, and I know this is short of far away yet, but I was wondering if anyone might know or have an opinion on this..Me and my Fiance are planning on getting married Feb 23rd..We wanted to take a short lil honeymoon to TN..which is about 12 hrs from where I am..Around the time we wonna take it I will be about 29 weeks preggo.Does anyone think that would be a problem at that time, or has anyone gone on a lil vacation that far along.I plan on asking my doctor of course befor I go, just wanted to get some ideas and imput from some ppl.Thanks!


krnj - January 13

I don't see why not. Congrats & have a great time!


Tracy88 - January 13

There should be no reason for you not to be able to go. Doctor's don't like you to travel later in the the third trimester since it is obviously closer to due date and in the third trimester, anything can happen.


jessica1 - January 13

I'm going on a lil vacation next month and I will be 30 weeks (beginning of feb.), we are going to virginia. So I don't think it will be a problem. But of course I would let my dr. Know before I go.


suze42 - January 13

Krissy, you can travel then. the doc will tell you to get out and stretch your legs every few hours to prevent blood clots (really everyone pg or not should do that). And to be really prepared, look up the hospital and directions to a hospital nearest to where you re staying. If your going to Gatlinburgh area, you will have no problems. I took a road trip when I was 7.5 mos. It was fine. In fact it was good b/c I felt great, and it was just before everything started to swell! LOL. Congrats and good luck. BTW,...there are tons of wonderful romantic rental cabins in the smokey mountains...Just google "tennesse honeymoon cabins"


krissy1980 - January 13

Thanks you girls for the opinions..I appriciate it!..



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