Taking Prenatal Twice A Day How To Cope

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sheena - June 23

Hi , i hv to sattrt taking prenatal twice a day frm tomm, it is not to be taken with dairy products taken within 2hrs , I drink milk morning and night and eat yogurt in the noon, was wondering how to hv 2 pills a day. How r u guys doing who r taking prenatal twice or thrice???/ any suggestion???thanks


Misty - June 23

I never heard of anyone having to take them more than once a day. That would really suck for someone like me, I absolutely hate taking pills and have a hard enough time taking just one a day. Why do you have to take them twice a day? If you don't mind me asking.


Jessie V - June 23

I take mine 2x a day. But mine do not say anything about not having dairy. I also take calcium 2x a day also. But I don't usually drink milk.


Stephanie - June 23

Never heard of that before but my Dr told me I could supplement the vitamin persxcribed for 2 flintstones of my choice......maybe you could take 4 of those ;o) They are kinda like taking candy everyday


Lynn - June 24

Take then either 1 hour before or 2 hours after consuming dairy. Usually prenatals have magnesium in them and this can decrease the absorption of calcium by your body.. so you should always have a gap between taking the vitamins and having dairy to get the full ebnefits of your vitamin.


Amy - June 24

I'm 20 weeks along and have been taking prescription prenatal vitamins since 7 weeks of pregnancy (before that I took over-the-counter ones). My doctor prescribed PrimaCare. I take the gel cap in the morning before I eat anything and then wait about an hour to eat, The pink tablet is taken at night before I go to bed (preferrably a couple hours after I have eaten anything). It is going well. It took some getting used to at first, but I'm in a routine now.


sheena - June 24

to misty, Dr said that growing baby neds more nutrition thats why i hv to take it twice a day now, and i was on prometrium pill , till day b4 yesterday, now that prometrium dose is over, Dr has asked to take prenatal twice.


sheena - June 24

well, thanks for replies ,it hepls


Erica - June 24

Why are you taking double the amount? If you don't mine me asking.


Cinshon - June 24

Does taking them twice a day give you more energy?


Kimberlee - June 24

I don't have to take my pill twice a day, but taking your pill with dairy products decreases the amount of iron your body is trying to absorb. So, take your vitamin, for example, an hour after breakfast and then again after dinner or before bed. Just try not take it with milk. You and especially your baby need all the iron your vitamins and food provide for you. Make sure you take your vitatim with a full 8-12 gla__s of water. It will help it absorb completely and faster.


Cora - June 24

Misty, if you think taking a prenatal vitamin twice a day is bad....lol try taking the ones I take. I take them 5 times a day. They are lower dosages then the normal prenatal vitamins. Higher dosage vitamins tend to not agree with some ppl, and also majority of the time your body doesnt need that full dosage at that point in the day, so our bodies tend to flush the excess out. Hence the bright yellow urine. So I prefer to break mine up into lower doses five times a day.


Sang - June 27

Well, I'm about 20 weeks now and i take my vitamins twice a day, sometimes thrice. I need to take my folate twice a day (morn and night), i take my calcium in the morning with the folate and my iron supplement either in the night with folate and multi-vitamin or alone in the afternoon if i haven't had any milk/cheese/yogurt (or if i'm planning to pig out on ice cream after dinner). My doctor said that calcium interferes with the absorption of iron by the body and so i shouldn't take them both together. I guess my folic acid must be of lower dosage for me to take it twice a day.


Ca__sie - June 27

I've been given Prima Care too. I take my fatty acids in the morning that is combined with some vitamins, and then the main vitamin pill at night. Taking two doses far enough apart is better for absorption. My doc said the morning pill was not absolutely necessary, but since it doesn't bother my stomach, I take them both. Which reminds me.. I need a refill!


Patty - June 27

Hi Ladies! If any of you want a great vitamin to take, that has absorbtion of 90-95% in your system, take Isotonix vitamins. They are awesome...all you do is mix the small white cap of powder to two ounces of water, ONCE a day, and take on an empty stomach. You will absorb it in your system within 10 min. because the mixture becomes the same density as your body fluids. Your stomach already recognizes it as being pre-digested. The mutivitamin has everything you need. Plus, there is a B12 complex with more folic acid and a Calcium one as well Check out www.prosperityunlimited.unfranchise.com under vitamins. If you have any questions let me know. These are awesome and they taste great too! I will never take a pill supplement again.... :)


Jennifer - June 27

I take them and never pay attention to the dairy products.... they never bothered me and i have been fine.


Cora - June 28

explain to me then, if its not good to take both iron and calcium together for optimum iron absorption, then why is it that prenatal vitamins have calcium in them? I always take my prenatal vitamins with dairy products. And havent been advised by my dr to not do so.



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