Talking To Older Child About Baby

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Amy - April 25

How do I tell my 2 and a half year old daughter about the baby in mommys tummy. She will be 3 when the baby comes, but I want her to know now that there will be a new baby in our family.


Jbear - April 26

I showed my daugher some simple drawings of a baby in a mommy's tummy. I used the ones in What to expect when you're expecting. I also have taken her to my doctor visits (I had no alternative), so she's seen the ultrasound and heard the heartbeat. She likes to talk into my belly b___ton. I've noticed the baby moving more when my daughter's talking to my tummy. You do need to tell your daughter that it's something that only happens to grown-up ladies, because when I asked my daughter what she wanted for her 3 year old birthday, she said she wanted a baby in her tummy too!


Maleficent - April 26

most two year olds really can't understand pregnancy. my daughter thinks it's some silly game and that SHE is the baby in my tummy. now she tells me that she has daddy in her tummy. she really doesn't get it all. what i do is point out newborns on tv or in real life and say, "we're going to have a tiny baby at our house" she usually shrugs and runs off. i asked my mom when things "clicked" with us when we were toddlers. she said that even her 3 year olds didn't understand any of it untill about two weeks *after* the baby was born. my brother nate once asked her when our baby brother's mom was coming to get him.


chel - April 26

Our oldest daughter was about 2 when we were expectin our second child. We talked to her about it all the time and asked her what names for baby she liked. She would kiss and rub my tummy. When our second child was born, she instantly was looking for our oder one. She has followed her around ever since.


TX Girrrl - April 26

My four-year-old is very excited. My two-year-old will be three when Baby #3 will arrive, but he's just too little to really grasp what's going on. If you can, give your little one a doll and practice being gentle and caring with it. However, both kids do run in and say 'howdy' to my tummy everymorning. I think my son is just copying his sister, though!


Katharine - April 26

I think the hardest thing for my 3-year-old has been the wait. It is an eternity! She found out as soon as we had a positive pregnancy test. There have been loads of questions. My daughter is really science-minded, so I have to really explain details on some of them. Also, she was studying healthy bodies at her school, so quickly became suspicious that there was a baby in my "tummy". So, now she corrects everyone- "The baby is in Mommy's uterus". This of course brings on even more questions about why men don't have a uterus and if she does, etc. I kind of wish she was still two...


Amy - April 26

Thank you all for your help. I guess I will wait until I am actually big to try to explain it to her. Thanks for being so helpful..


C - April 27

My daughter is 2 and she really loves books right now, so I bought some books about families having a baby. There are some really good simple ones out there, with comments like "mommy is going to have a baby", "the baby grows in mommy's tummy", "it takes a long time" far she is catching on and rubbing my's cute regardless!


crystal - April 28

I have a 3 year old, and I try to explain as best as I can to him. I think he kinda get's it but not really. When I had morning sickness or tell him I don't feel good. He ask me "mommy baby did it" it's so cute I laugh everytime.



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